How to choose the right wooden stools for the home


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Stools are purposeful furniture pieces, which are capable of adding a class to the room and completing the look of the home in a fantastic way. They are the pieces which may or may not comes with padded cushions and has atop wooden frames. Wooden Stools are the pieces which serve as a footstool, coffee table, dining chairs, side and end tables etc. They are the elementary themed furniture units that have ocean of variations including contemporary designs. But finding the right stool online is challenging because there are so many factors to consider including style, comfort, height etc. Below is a quick guide to help you find the best stools for the home. 

1. Choose the right height: To determine which stools you should buy, measure the height of your table or other units. If you are using them as footstool, then opt for the ones that are lower than a coffee table. Chairs stools should be around 18'' from floor to seat. Pick only those that define your space and purpose.

2. Consider the style: Do you want to make a style statement or want more random seating? Do you want to match the stools in the home or want to layer materials? The answers to all these questions will help you determine the style of the stool that will work amazingly in the house. If you are planning to give your corridor, the extra seating units opt for the pieces that are backless. But, if you want to entertain and need something more comfortable, choose from wooden stools having padded seats. Whether your home has rustic, contemporary, traditional style decor, you can find a stool that complements every decor. There is no need to go matchy-matchy. 

3. Different materials of the stools: Another factor that you should consider while buying stools online is the material. This is because they are available in wide range of materials. 

Leather: Stools made of leather come with a number of benefits. They can withstand everyday wear and tear and staining. Also, they provide a receptive and soft quality touch to the skin. 

Fabric: These type of stools are known for their outstanding embellishments and everlasting colours. Stools made of fabric might be less durable but offer a broad range of designs and are much easier to clean and can be changed according to interior decor. 

Wooden:  Wooden stools are a common and preferable choice as a part of the outdoor and indoor furniture. They are durable and perfect to give the abode a marvellous appeal. With their customisable feature and trend fitting designs, this material is quite popular.

4.  Consider the stool designs: A stool with numerous designs helps in serving a number of purposes. This is the reason that has been considered as an essential part of the home.

Gliders: These design stools are best for children and are space saving. They are the pieces which act as best companion for recliner sofas, rocking chairs etc. and are quite practical and versatile. 

Compact ottomans: When you have a guest in the home go for a stool that can act as an ottoman. They will not only provide a decor to space but also provides a fun place to keep all the essentials if want a storage area. 

Coffee Tables: These style stools are a dual purpose design that can be used as a footrest and a coffee table. They are space savvy and versatile, which makes them an ideal choice for homes with a space crunch.   These are some factors that you should keep in mind before picking a particular stool online. Stools are the unique and trendy units which can be used as a footrest, coffee tables, side tables, extra seating units and lots more. They are good looking and stylish pieces and can be placed anywhere in the house. Whether you want something classic and royal or more modern, they fulfil all the requirements. So include a colourful stool in the home and let your abode get a fantastic look.

Summary: Including a stool in the home will not only provide an aesthetically appealing look to space but will also provide a functional look.  So research thoroughly on the material, shape and design of stools before buying. This is because they are the interesting furniture pieces which can be paired with home furniture like a dining table, shoe rack etc.

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