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Leigh Leigh
Studio 06 Modern living room
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What do you get when you take an old, run down home and introduce it to a fabulous architect? Today, we are going to find out!

Studio 06, who are based in Turin, Italy, are the brains behind this gorgeous project, which entailed renovating an old, shabby home and creating a modern, chic and trendy space that looks like it comes straight out of the pages of a design magazine.

Let's see how they've managed to create the most stylish home on the block, out of nothing!

Before: Run down

If we look at the home before the intervention, we can see just how run down it is. This is not a habitable living space! 

The walls and doors are shabby and dilapidated, while the roof looks like it's about to cave in. This space looks more like a construction site than a home. 

Yet, we can see how much potential it holds. The home is large, spreading over two storeys, and is positioned on a large plot of land. 

This is every architect's dream!

After: Modern and sleek

If we look at the revamped home from the outside, we can see how it's been completely modernized.

The shape of the home is still the same, but the the designers have replaced the old facade with gorgeous, large modern glass windows and doors, which open up the home onto the exterior space. 

They've also built a large tiled terrace, which optimizes the land available, creating a gorgeous outdoor area where the family can enjoy meals in the sunshine, parties, sunbathing or even a barbeque. The designers have added some trendy yet durable terrace furniture to this space so that it can be completely enjoyed.

The colours and materials used throughout this space are very neutral and modern – white walls, glass and a red tiled roof.

After: Interior delight

If we head inside the home, we can see that the neutral colours persist, with grey and white walls and grey tiled floors as well as very neutral furniture, but the designers have added a splash of colour in the form of a bright red column that runs up through all the levels in the house. This is super stylish and a great design trick! Rather than overwhelming a home with brightly coloured walls, opt for neutral and then paint just one wall a bright color. You can also simply add a colorful piece of furniture.

The first impression of this home is that it is fashionable, but also very functional. The dining room and living room both look very cozy, warm and inviting. 

Lighting also plays a very big role in this space! The large glass windows and doors allow natural sunlight to flow into the home, which makes it seem more spacious and bright. There are also lots of little lamps around this space, which add ambiance and a soft glow to the room.

After: Open plan design

In this image, we can see how truly open plan this home is – a very modern style of home design. The kitchen spills into the dining room, which spills into the living room, with each space connected by the grey tiled floors and the white walls. 

Open plan not only makes a home seem that much bigger, but it also allows for a far more interactive and social space. If you have a small home or want a more interactive space, think about removing the walls in your living area and you will immediately open the rooms up. If you do need to separate areas, however, look at these tips on how to stylishly split a room without a wall.

We can also see in this image, the attention to detail by the designers. A gorgeous and trendy ladder rests in the kitchen space, which can be used to hang up dish towels. There is also some wall art above the kitchen, which adds a personal and homely touch to the house.

After: Fabulous features

If we head up to the second floor of the home, we can see how the original stairs were renovated and replaced with these very funky wooden stairs.

Remember that stairs are functional, but they can also be a design focal point in your home. Don't be afraid to have a little bit of fun when it comes to your staircase. Have a look at these wooden staircases that wow!

The designers have also added a lovely glass window into the flooring, allowing a little glimpse onto the first floor from the second floor. It's all about the little details!

After: The stylish bathroom

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to creativity, but this should not be the case! Again, it's all about the detail.

The designers completely understand this, which is why this bathroom is so exquisite. It features very warm and earthy colors thanks to the light wooden cabinets and cupboards as well as the brown tiling. This makes this space feel like a little cocoon, where you can escape from the world. 

This space is small, but the designers have added a large glass mirror that runs along the length of the wall, which visually expands this space. They've also made sure to keep any personal items stored neatly out of sight, which makes this room seem spacious and sleek.

Combined with modern features like the stylish sink and tap, this is a world class bathroom!

What do you think of this new modern Italian home?

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