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At first glance, you might wonder in horror: has the roof crushed this home?

Designed by Spanish architects, Manuel Monroy, today's homify 360 is an incredible example of how a stone home can take on epic proportions. Not only does this piece of architecture look dramatically appealing thank to its unique shape and design, but it's also cozy and functional too.

As Louis Kahn said, Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Let's see how beautiful this home truly is.

The grand design

From the outside, you can see just how dramatic the design is and how much of a punch it packs.

The rustic stone facade gives way to a large, stone roof that sweeps down at an angle, coming to rest almost on the floor on the right hand side. It gives the impression that the home is about to take off! This is a very quirky and modern take on a traditional gable home. With the chimney poking out of the top, there is also a very quaint and charming touch to the exterior.

The front middle facade is completely glass, supported by sturdy wooden beams. The glass contrasts beautifully with the stone and allows a seamless integration of the interior and the exterior spaces.


In the dark, we can see just how much of a role glass plays in the design, opening the entire front section of the interior up onto the exterior. This is a very modern and impressive design element, especially if a piece of architecture is set in an environment with gorgeous views and natural surrounds.

This image also is a great depiction of how the modern design elements merge with the more traditional design elements. 

You can also have a look at this dynamic house of glass and wood, to see how this style can be used differently.

Little touches

If we explore the outside of this house a little more carefully, we can see how little design elements here and there have resulted in the overall look and feel.

In the garden, the designers have installed gorgeous yet rustic looking flower boxes, which hold bright red, blooming roses. A wooden trellis adds an innovative and striking touch to the space.

You'll also notice that the lawn is very well-manicured. Remember that a garden can change the whole look and feel of a home. You want it to be neat and pretty, which gives guests the impression that you take good care of your home!

Interior sophistication

If we head inside the home, we can see that the designers have gone for warm colors, which create a very cozy interior. It also contrasts beautifully with the greens of the exterior. 

The cream sofas feature burnt orange pillows, contrasting with the dark wooden furniture, wooden floors and the stone facade.

There are some strategically placed decor accessories in the home, but the designers haven't overwhelmed the home with trinkets. The glass windows allow the surrounding views to be the focal point at all times. 

Have a look at these 11 ways to tidy up your living room for inspiration for a neat and attractive living room in your own home. It should always look as inviting as this one does!

Fine dining

The living room opens up on the dining room – a very charming and quaint space. Here we can see how the stone walls are used throughout the interior, enhancing that rustic charm.

On the wall behind the dining room table, you'll see some shelves, which feature very personal decor accessories. This is a great tip for any home! Put your favorite items on display, integrating your personality with the interior design of the home.

In this image, we can also see how the designers have included pot plants throughout the home, bringing nature indoors for a very subtle form of beauty and decor.

From the inside out

From this angle, we can see how beautiful the views are outside the large glass wall. Natural light is a must in any home!

Natural light:

- Is healthier for the whole family.

- Naturally warms up the home.

- Allows you to spend less money on electricity for lighting and heating the home.

- Creates a more open and bright space.

If you can't achieve a glass facade like this in your home, opt for skylights and windows where ever possible.

Don't you just want to take off in this home?

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