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A home with extra special detail

Leigh Leigh
Tria Arquitetura Eclectic style houses
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Brazilian architects Tria Architects are all about attention to detail.Today at homify we are going to explore a house that they worked on, creating the most intricately stylish spot. 

Today's ideabook is also proof that you don't need a large home to create a cozy, stylish and modern space. In fact, with a smaller home you can truly have some fun and pack a punch!

This little gem is an example of how dynamite comes in small packages.

Are you curious to take a look?

Warm interiors

The interior of this home is cozy, earthy and warm thanks to the authentic wooden flooring and the original stone wall that runs along the entire left side of the home. The wood and the stone adds a rustic touch to the very modern and chic home.

These warm and earthy tones are enhanced by the white walls and white furniture. A splash of colour and detail is added in the form of a picture hanging on the wall, the burnt orange cushions and the pot plants dotted around this living space. Remember that potted plants add a wonderful, natural form of decor to any space!

It's all about the detail! The artwork, the splashes of color and the plants are what transforms this home into a place full of personality and charm.

Exterior spaces

This little home is revived thanks to its integration with outdoor spaces. In this image, we can see how the living room spills out of glass doors onto a little courtyard. Not only is this fantastic for ventilation throughout the home, but it also allows natural light to flood into this space.

We can see that even the exterior space is dotted with detail. On the right, there is a charming antique bench while above there are plants billowing over the second floor. 

From the outside, we can also see what an integral role the living room lighting plays inside the home. Thanks to lamps and little dimming lights, the interior becomes a romantic space packed with ambiance and warmth.

Charming kitchen

The dining room and kitchen flow into one another, creating a very interactive space. The designers have thought the colour palette through very carefully, opting to pair the white walls and wooden facade with grey tones. The result is a very sophisticated, modern and elegant look and feel.

Because there is not too much space to work with, they've chosen a simple round dining room table and light chairs that don't take up too much space. If you like this style, have a look at this guide to a cozy dining room in a small home.

The storage spaces in the kitchen are also utilized so that there isn't any unnecessary clutter floating around. Tidy and trendy!

Patterned floors

Here we can see how attention to detail creates the most beautiful finished home. This wooden floor features a strip of blue and white patterned linoleum, which runs parallel to the kitchen part of this home. Not only does this very subtly separate the kitchen from the dining room without needing build a wall, but it's a functional element too. Linoleum is much easier to clean than wood, meaning if anything spills while you are cooking, there is no danger of ruining the floors.

The blue and white patterns work beautifully with the grey kitchen cupboards and shelves as well as the white walls. This is truly a genius creative addition to this space.

The white bathroom

If we head into the bathroom, we can see that the designers have gone for a minimalist and chic design, opting for all white. This makes the space look very clean, hygienic and sleek.

The use of materials in this space again reinforces their attention to detail. The white marble sink adds a touch of elegance, contrasting beautifully with the white tiled floors and walls. 

This is further enhanced by the glass shower encasing and black finishes. 

Pair this kind of bathroom with white towels and white hand soaps and creams and you'll have the ideal bathroom.

The cozy bedroom

The bedroom in this home is very simple due to the size. The designers have opted to only include the most functional elements in this space, such as the bed, the television and the cabinet. Our first impression is that this bedroom is very modern and minimalist.

However, if we look a little bit closer we can see a little antique clothes hanger in the corner. While we can't see it in this image, there is also an antique chair in the other corner. It's these little details that add charm and delight to an otherwise modern bedroom.

The large glass windows and doors allow for that integration with the exterior space, which we spoke about earlier. This means natural light streams into this bedroom all day!

The little touches

We end our ideabook looking at these two mugs, which feature the initials of the residents. Another one of those little touches that transform a house into a home. 

Remember that your home is an extension of who you are, so you want to include items that reflect your personality. Include photographs of family and friends, your favorite decor items or even a set of mugs, like in this home.

If you like this house, you'll love this small house with a big heart.

How will you add detail to your home?

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