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The home where romance meets modern design

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It's not a fine wine, but it is just as Italian and just as luxurious. This restoration project by architect Antionio Perrone, transform the ruins of an old barn into a soft, minimalist home that moves gracefully from one space to the next. Clearly a master of design flow and movement, Perrone talks of this project's poetry. This house mingles romance with modern design, and uses the dominant white in the colour scheme to allow every element to come together.  Let's drink it all in. 

Modern Romance

That elegant fireplace catches your attention immediately with the rich purple wine colour on the forest green of the accent wall. It's interesting to see this romantic feature made very modern, with the white walls and metallic overhang light. The rich leather of the couch and the soft pillows in that same purple speak of warmth and romance, but the overall simple geometric design adds the modernity again. It's a bold mixture, that lends this living space a singular elegance.

The White Canvas

Turning from the living room we can see what Perrone means when he spoke of white as the unifying element of the home. The white seat, cabinets, walls, ceiling, and even the flooring on the second level, are all cast in white. This lets the eye flow evenly into the kitchen. It's a graceful transition that lends the house a unifying theme. It's important, of course, not to let white dominate everything. That wine shade of purple is used again on the kitchen's counter top, and the window frame, to provide some grounding and visual interest. 

Square Lighting

Adding unique lighting to stairs has become a very popular way to make this transition space stand-out. These square lights add to the geometric flair of the home, and their placement at the bottom of the steps is both unique and practical. You won't be blinded by a light in your eye on your way up this rather short staircase. You'll probably need an electrician to specially wire these lights for you, but the impact is worth it. And notice, the white walls are used to keep the flow moving from the first to second floor. 

Sleek Bathroom

White is used to great effect in this room, making for a bright bathroom that feels fresh and clean. The new colours are an enchanting choice as well, the contrasting bright orange with aquamarine is a fresh take on the usual bathroom pattern of a light blue with a warm contrasting colour. The shower itself is unique, adding to the geometrical elements of the house along with the square cabinets and unusually thin mirror. 

Playful Attic

While this attic incorporates the white seat from the living room, the white walls, and the wine purple, it adds some playful dimension fitting of a children's space. The textured ceiling is interesting, while still drawing the eye from one end of the room to the other, so its doesn't disrupt the flow the rest of the house has achieved. The doorway is seamlessly incorporated into the accent wall, so that the colour is the main draw there. That bright green rug would get a child's attention, and it reminds us of the earlier forest green in the living room, just in a tone that's more playful. 

White Exterior

The all-white exterior is a fitting choice for this house. We also can see those amazing stairway lights, doing extra work as a attention-drawing feature from the exterior of the house too. The whole house emits a warm, romantic glow, no doubt achieved in part by the bright white walls. Yet the landscaping is geometric, symmetrical, and elegant, speaking of the modern style found within. Romantic but modern is a hard mixture to pull off throughout a whole house, but this amazing living space has achieved it. 

Humble Beginnings

This was the original farm house that Perrone renovated into an amazing modern home. At homify , we profile some amazing renovations, with before and after pictures included so you can see the process in action! Check out our recent renovations finds like this Shabby to Chic transformation, this Sleek and Modern design from Italy, or this Terrace Home's complete makeover! 

Are you a fan of romantic elements in modern homes? Lets us know in the comments!

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