9 spectacular ideas to decorate your living room

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Your tastes and personality will ultimately determine how you design your living room, from the wall colours and the furniture to the ornaments and other details.

At homify, we have the pleasure of sharing with you the stunning style and creativity of interior designers and decorators from across the world. This ideabook features homes in Brazil, Mexico and Russia. So take a seat and enjoy these 9 spectacular ideas for a  living room.

1. For seekers of total elegance

The large dimensions that comprise this home make it possible to furnish it with lavish pieces as well as decor items, which have bigger than usual and bring in different tones and colors.

Architect Juan Luis Fernandez created a stone wall, which divides this space up subtly and not completely, keeping the dining room and living room flowing into each other yet slightly separate. This accentuates the height of the room too!

The living room features two large velvet sofas, which are incredibly inviting, especially in front of the beautiful fireplace.

This is a great design for those who want to entertain friends and visitors, bringing elegance and a sense of originality to the room.

2. For lovers of color

If you are a fan of detail and colour then you may enjoy creating a very neutral living room, which conveys freshness and comfort, while adding in very striking ornaments and decor pieces. 

In this design, we can see how bright colors have been introduced in multiple hues throughout the living room, even though its foundation is very neutral and uniform.

3. For those who have a favorite colour

The scenery in this design by Mariangel Coghlan, reminds us that if you love one particular color, such as blue, you can add it to your living room to create a very intense and gorgeous look and feel. Do you see how blue has been used in different shades here, to add vitality to the space?

Something to take into account when you want to give a personal touch to your living room with your favorite colour, is that it needs to work in harmony with the furniture as well as the design of the house. You don't want the colours and decor styles to clash!

Have a look at these sensational living room inspirations to see how colours should work in harmony.

4. Bring in some warm colors

This design exudes warmth and invites you to enjoy pleasant days in the living room!

The designers have achieved this by integrating burnt orange and soft red into the design, in the form of different materials. The colours appear in the upholstery of the sofa and armchairs, the cushions, the flowers and are even in the wooden pieces of furniture. The parquet floor, broken by a carpet, is the cherry on top, bringing a very cozy ambiance to this space.

Every element in this space creates visual warmth, making it difficult to ever leave!

5. Draw attention

We assure you that the first thing you notice in this living room is the coffee table, followed by the small cushions. This is because of the intensity of the detail and the bold colours – a very clever strategy by Amanda Pinheiro Design Interiors. This is a space that is sure to attract a few glances and it's peppy colours are sure to cheer up anyone who walks in.

Yellow has become a focal point in this space, enhancing every other element.

6. For those who love textures

Another way to captivate the attention of anyone who enters your home is to opt for rich textures throughout your living room.

In this example, we can see how a mixture of textures produces a very modern and sophisticated result. The curtains and the carpet bring soft textures to this space, while the more course walls contrast with this beautifully. These have been very carefully chosen to work in harmony with one another, creating a visual masterpiece.

If you really want to get quirky, you can also match your living room with your star sign.

7. Suitcases as a wall

This design, by Iqosa, is an example of how you really can get innovative and creative. Have you ever seen such a unique living room?

The designers have created a wall of suitcases, which become the focal point of the space. The other items in this room are functional but also enhance the main wall. This living room looks like it comes out of the pages of a design book, with the suitcases as the protagonist.

8. Passionate about reading

Some people like to spend hours reading a book, which is the ideal way to allow function and decor to collide. 

In this design we can see how the chairs provide the comfort, while the large bookcase sets the tone for a very peaceful and relaxing ambiance. The entire wall is made up of books, promising hours of pleasure.

What more do you need form a room like this?

9. Romantic personality

We conclude our ideas with a splurge of romance and tenderness, made possible by professionals Olyny Ilconte.

Here, there is a subtle harmony between the purity of white and the delicate lilac tones, which invite a sense of peacefulness. This is a room that allows you to escape from the rest of the world. Thanks to the soft lighting, this is also a very relaxing space that you'd never get tired of sitting in.

For environment like this, we must choose decor items that are minimal, but very striking.

Which is your favorite living room style?

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