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Juan Luis Fernández Arquitecto Pool
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Today you are going to witness an old-fashioned, run down home in the Mexican state of Sonoroa transformed into a family home that will leave you green with envy, thanks to design professionals Juan Luis Fernandez Architects.

By capitalizing on the potential that this property had to offer, the designers have created a world-class home that we at homify are pretty sure would look just as fabulous in Canada! 

As John F. Kennedy once said, Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

Let's go and witness just how powerful change can be!

Before: Old-fashioned

If we look at this home from the outside, we can see just how old-fashioned it is. The architectural design is very outdated, looking more like a structure from the sixties!

We can also see that the facade hasn't been cared for or maintained in quite some time. The light colors of the facade are stained and the entire building looks like it needs a fresh coat of paint.

Remember that your exterior is the first impression that people will get of your home, so you want to keep it fresh, modern and well looked after!

After: The most modern home on the block

Can you believe the transformation? This home is now the most modern, chic and stylish home on the block.

The designers kept the gorgeous palm trees that lined the exterior space as well as the basic structure, but they've completely updated it.

The facade now features very minimalist and sleek colors including grey white and black and is enhanced by a stone facade that juts out artfully at a perpendicular angle. 

The lighting used throughout this space serves to illuminate the facade and is a great design tip! Have a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for modern houses.

Before: Run down

If we head into the living space of this home, we can see how ugly it truly is. The old carpeted floors look like they haven't been cleaned in some time while the features of this space, including the windows and the cabinets, are very old fashioned. They also look like they are stuck in a time warp, circa 1970!

Yet, we can see just how much potential this space holds with the wide berth available as well as the high ceilings.

After: Incredibly impressive

This living space was  completely transformed with a stylish stone wall subtly separating the dining room from the living room.

The space has be completely rejuvenated thanks to the warm grey colors, the soft velvet sofas and the warm and enchanting fireplace.

The floors have been replaced with grey tiles, which are warmed up thanks to the addition of a plush rug. 

This is a space that is as luxurious as it is elegant, yet completely functional too.

Before: Outdated

If we look at the staircase and hallway, it looks like a picture from our grandparents' house.

The staircase, while finished in a gorgeous rich wood, is very outdated. This space is also very cut off, with the flow restricted by lots of elements, which have been crammed together. In modern design, we want to see open plan rooms that work with one another.

Have a look at these wooden staircases that wow to see what a modern staircase should look like!

After: Magnificent

If we pop our heads around the stone wall from the modern living room, we come across this very sleek and sophisticated dining room and a kitchen that is only separated by a kitchen island. This creates a far more interactive and social space.

The designers used complementary neutral colors to breathe new life into this living space, which is further enhanced by the very trendy grey floating stairs. Lighting also plays a big role here, opening this home up and making it seem that much more spacious and bright. Remember that you want your living room lighting to create ambiance, as well as allow you to see what you are eating. Opt for a lamp that hangs over the table, like the designers have done here.

Before: Stale kitchen

The previous kitchen looks very closed off and claustrophobic with dark wood and a door, which isolates it from the rest of the home.

This style of kitchen is very old-fashioned and doesn't speak to the modern family. The intricate wood work is also too heavy, creating a very dark space.

After: Refreshing

The kitchen has been completely opened up onto the dining room, like we saw in the previous image. A kitchen island has been installed to partially separate it as well as allow for the kids to do their homework while mom and dad are cooking or for guests to enjoy a more casual glass of wine.

The designers have redone the whole space with white walls, lots of light and big windows, which allow sunshine to filter into this space. This has created a much more inviting space!

They've introduced some darker, chocolate colors in the form of the kitchen cupboards and counter tops, but these are very subtle, creating a very sophisiticated look. You feel like you can breathe in this kitchen!

Before: The old terrace

This looks like an old porch from the 1800's! The architecture hasn't been updated in quite some time, while the garden area hasn't been utilized. There is so much potential going to waste here. 

A terrace should be an extension of your living area, where you can enjoy the fresh air and sunlight with your family and friends. This space just looks dull and dreary.

After: The luxurious outdoor area

Can you believe the transformation? This is one of the most dramatic changes that we have seen.

The outdoor space has been completely transformed into a lavish entertainment area complete with a swimming pool, sun loungers, outdoor dining furniture and an outdoor living room. Can you imagine hosting a party out here?

The designers made the most of every square inch available to them, resulting in this incredible, cutting-edge design.

Have a look at these seven ideas for the perfect terrace for inspiration for your own home.

Do you think this is a dramatic renovation?

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