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In many homes attics are left empty to collect dust and darkness. But why leave a space in your home unused? Especially if it could be turned into an incredible modern lounge. Don't believe that a tiny attic could be transformed into a bright apartment? You need to check out this attic transformation, the designers even added a full kitchen and bathroom! 

Before: Wasted Space

There's no flooring, no wall colour, and certainly no function in this space. It feels like your typical cramped attic with the slanted ceiling and the remnants of… something in the corner. It's clearly going to take the designers a ton of work to get this space functional, never-mind gorgeous, and yet they pull it off!

After: Bright and Open

This entryway is simply stunning now. The hardwood floor is bright and modern, clearly installed by a professional. The bright white walls are the right choice for the space, too, making the attic seem larger. To keep things from being too plain the designers have added colour accents in eggshell blue and calm grey. We particularly like the thin white dividing lines between the stripes on the door. It looks expertly done, and brings a great deal of finesse to the space. There's also a very unusual choice in this new attic: the dark brown trim. Instead of covering up those dark brown ceiling supports the designers used the trim to make the support seem like a stylistic choice. This move saves time and makes the apartment look chic. 

After: Vibrant Kitchen

That royal, bright blue is amazing in the kitchen. Notice that what was a window in the 'before' attic is made into a skylight in the 'after', becoming a feature that brings in light instead of an oddity that looks out of place. This modern kitchen is competed with a counter-top that matches the bright flooring, a clever trick that makes you feel like there's more floor space in the room than there is. Those translucent kitchen stools are stylish and provide the same space-amplifying effect. If you love unique kitchen seating, especially as stools for breakfast nooks and bars, you'll want to check these out. 

After: Simple Den

It's hard to believe that this was once a bare attic space. There's enough room for a pull-out couch and a cute little coffee table, which uses the same hardwood trick as the counter top to make the room feel more spacious. And, if you doubted us about the translucent stool trick, look again at the bottom of this photo. There's the stool, we bet you didn't even see it at first; it really does amplify space. 

After: The Little Details

We love this cute idea for the headboard that doubles as living room decor. The little shelf is convenient for holding your glasses or water at night, and is also adorable during the day. The three succulents under chic pot lights add such a sweet touch to the headboard that really makes it stand out.  If you loving adding charming details to your home you'll be inspired by this home that never misses a chance to show off its every detail. 

After: An Attic Bathroom!

We never thought we'd see a bathroom in the attic. But why not? The extra bit of functionality in this space is great, now it can serve as its own little apartment for a teen, a renter, guests, or simply for owners who want some extra bathroom space. The design has been kept simple and modern, as it has to be in a small bathroom, but that bright blue is still making a big impact. Plus the horizontal stripe across the wall emphasizes the length of the room and helps it feel spacious. This space has come a long way from the neglected attic it once was, into a fully functional space that looks smashing!

Have you ever decorated an attic? Would you now? Let us know in the comments!
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