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A Contemporary Home Showcasing Rustic Roots

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Who doesn’t love a trip to the charming countryside and the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, to breathe fresh, clean air and enjoy nature’s beauty in full measure! Birds chirping in the trees, cows lowing in the barnyards – what a serene environment! So when a large authentic barn is converted into a modern home, can there possibly be a more suitable rural residence? We don’t think so. So let’s take a tour of The Cow Shed, formerly a Victorian barn in the gorgeous Suffolk countryside, which has been remodelled into a fascinating countryside abode by the architects at Nash Baker Architects Ltd. from London. The lime-washed interiors, the quaint wooden beams, the practical touches, and the cozy aura of this revamped home will impress you.

A charming rustic exterior

From the outside, The Cow Shed fits beautifully in the country landscape. Nestled behind a neatly trimmed laurel hedge, the house exudes a simple pastoral charm. The original vaulted ceiling has wisely been retained – that and the slatted gate in the middle of the hedge give the façade the perfect rural touch. The earthy brick-laden appearance of the building along with its quaint room enhances the picturesque quality further.

A modern but quaint living space

modern Living room by Nash Baker Architects Ltd
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​The living room at the Cow Shed

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

The living area of the house is a smooth blend of the rustic and the modern. The lime-washed wooden roof beams and the polished concrete floor are reminders of the heritage of the building, while the predominantly white colour scheme, the large glass doors and the elegant furniture provide a modern touch. Don’t miss how the contemporary and sleek fireplace and the fresh floral arrangements ensure warmth and freshness for this space.

A breezy dining area with a view

modern Living room by Nash Baker Architects Ltd
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​The living room at the Cow Shed

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

The dining area leads you to the refreshing outdoor seating area that lies beyond the clear glass doors. These doors not only let you enjoy the outside view, but also allows ample fresh air to permeate the indoors. We also give the floating shelves a big thumbs-up as they look sensible, yet make for a stylish display area. The skylight on the slanted roof lets in warm sunshine and fills the space with cheer and optimism.

Bright and airy kitchen

This well-ventilated, smart and functional kitchen is ideal for the heritage atmosphere of the building. The white and grey colour scheme paired with modern fittings and the little vase of flowers in the corner – all perfectly complement the roof beams overhead and the concrete floor below. The old-fashioned skylight in the roof and the window in the wall ensure the sufficient influx of natural light. We can easily visualize an array of delicious country foods being displayed on the white countertop!

Old-world charm in the bedroom

The white theme of the residence extends to this elegant bedroom too, which looks bright and spacious thanks to a large glass door that offers a gorgeous view of the garden! The large golden-trimmed mirror on the wall adds a dash of pizzazz to an otherwise simple room. The white sheer curtains and the striped bedding add to the relaxing and uncomplicated feel of this space.

Practical touches

The inbuilt closet on the right of the large mirror is a contemporary and minimalistic touch for the bedroom. Equipped with simple and smooth sliding doors, it hides clothes, shoes, accessories and other odds and ends from plain view. The slim shelf beside it offers you scope to show off decorative knickknacks or family photos.

The approach adopted by Nash Baker Architects for converting The Cow Shed into a modern home while retaining its legacy, has worked like a charm! Rustic features like the open plan loft style, the lime-washed roof beams and the concrete floor work in perfect harmony with the modern hand-picked furniture and white colour scheme. We admire the plentiful use of glass that make the house so bright and airy, and well in tune with the rural ambiance. The play between the old style and the new is in perfect tandem too. Check out another home tour, for more ideas - A Stylish Family Home Celebrates Modern Luxury.

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