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Use Feng Shui in your home to attract fortune

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Feng Shui is that ancient Chinese tradition of how to place your furniture and other objects  to create harmony, luck, prosperity and a content home. Even if you're not superstitious, this ancient practice is fun to learn about and is often very practical.  There's no need to consult experts (but you can if you want) or even buy new things to practice Feng Shui, it is simply about how the elements of a home are arranged and how they affect the energy flow of you and your family. Curious? Let's look at some beautiful examples of Feng Shui in practice. 

1. Keep that Kitchen Spotless

the blue kitchen ZERO9 Modern kitchen

the blue kitchen


In Feng Shui, a kitchen should be absolutely sparkling and have as little clutter as possible. You might want to tuck the toaster oven and the blender in the cupboards when you're not using them. Need some inspiration for a clean modern kitchen design? Take a look at this

2. If You Don't Use, It Toss It

Things that you don't use, or that are broken, disrupt the flow of good energy and carry negative energy themselves. This might be a good time for a garage sale, a thrift store donantion, or just a run to the dump. 

3. Use the Right Colours

Living Room ZERO9 Living room

Living Room


If you have red, green, or violet colours in your home you're ahead of the Feng Shui curve. These colours are rumoured to attract prosperity to the home. In fact, Feng Shui masters particularly love the colour combination of white and red, because white means purity and red is an active energy. Besides, they make quite a Canadian statement together. 

4. Entice Good Energies at the Doorway

Dhiren Tharnani IMAGE N SHAPE Modern Windows and Doors

Dhiren Tharnani


If your entry way is drab, it won't just be guests that notice, prosperity will turn away too. Maintaining an elegant front door will help you, as will a neat front garden, bright lights, and clean floors. 

5. Replace Clutter with Plants

Feng Shui simply abhors clutter, so pack all of those trinkets away. Instead, use some plants to allow good energy to flow where the clutter once was.

6. A Soft Bedroom is Key

Gentle, warm colours are ideal for bedroom spaces. Natural light helps to harmonize the space (and makes everything look bright and bigger too). A word of warning though, never have a mirror facing the bed. It can help to amplify space too, but it also scares away good fortune. 

7. Close the Lid

In the bathroom, Feng Shui fortune will run out of a house through the toilet bowl if you let it. There are all kinds of escape pathways for prosperity in the bathroom, so get leaks fixed right away and never leave a broken or burnt lightbulb in the socket. Your wallet just might thank you. 

Which Feng Shui tip is right for your home? Let us know in the comments!

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