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It is not always easy to introduce rustic elements in a modern and subtly lavish villa with panache and elegance. But the architects at CM Espacio & Arquitectura SRL in Pilar, Argentina, managed to accomplish this task wonderfully. Vivenda Unifamilar Moreno is a unique and stately residence which enjoys an expansive look and feel. Its random but appealing stone accents, simple but sophisticated interiors, thoughtful lighting and contemporary touches will surely impress you once the tour begins.

Modern elegance for the facade

The front view of this remarkable home reveals the impressive size of the house and grounds. The strategic use of stone walls is a stroke of genius! The large glass windows on the upper storey complement the glass doors at the back of the house too.

An open plan behind

As we peruse the backyard, we can see that the stone walls peep from behind the glowing white exterior. These walls in conjunction with the sleek sloping roof let us know that the architect has an eclectic play in mind. The stone garden path adds to the drama of course. Below the sloping roof, the house has an open design and the patio with its glass doors is beautifully integrated with the interior. The use of stone, earthy colours and manicured lawns showcases a natural look.

Eye-catching structure

What a unique way to turn a regular house into a flamboyant statement! The majestic stone wall is very much part of the house, yet stands alone in splendour. It is perfectly complemented by the stone path. The house looks comfortable and warm with the use of soft lights, but the stone wall hints at bold statements within!

Luxurious comfort in the living area

What a perfect room for partying in style! The glass doors occupy the entire wall in a repeat of the open-plan design of the patio. The interior is beautifully integrated with the outdoors – on a pleasant day, just open the doors and enjoy the outdoor experience from the comfort of that extraordinarily plush sofa! The colour scheme is muted, using soft colours and earthy tiles while sophisticated lights on the ceiling create a subtle glow.

Simplicity blends with style in the dining area

The dining table and chairs are unassuming yet elegant, and their rich brown wood fits perfectly in the earthy theme. The trend of simplicity layered with undeniable style clearly runs through the entire house. The soft lights provide a pleasant ambiance, but the masterpiece in the room is unquestionably the floating stone staircase, flush against the stone wall. The modern brown steps on the natural stone are punctuated by dim lights- the ensemble looks simply sensational!

The trendy kitchen

In a mild deviation from the style we observed in the other rooms, the kitchen is deliberately modern. The muted and earthy colour scheme continues as do the glass doors, but the furniture and fittings are wholly contemporary and make this one snazzy kitchen! The kitchen island and working space behind it have clean lines and look smart, modern and efficient. A sleek glass table extends from the kitchen island with funky white chairs around it, emphasizing the modern theme of the kitchen.

A blissful bathroom

Monochromatic warm earthy browns jazzed up by funky green lights hidden in recesses – we love it! Note the clean lines of the fittings, the elegance of the long mirror and the trendy look of the bathtub. This is a gorgeous bathroom – simple, spacious and fascinatingly stylish!

The architects have showcased a number of brilliant concepts in this property, such as eclectic features, open-plan design, strategic use of stone for maximum visual impact and a natural earthy look enhanced by soft lighting. All these aspects function in beautiful cohesion to make this home a work of art. Check out another tour for more inspiration - A Contemporary Home Showcasing Rustic Roots.

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