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Leigh Leigh
House of Kami 一級建築士事務所アトリエm Modern houses Reinforced concrete Grey
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Japanese architect professionals Atelier M are all about sleek and sophisticated architecture. 

Today, at homify, we are going to see how they have turned a concrete structure into a warm, inviting and stylish home. Minimalist and modern, this is a home that will inspire you to opt for more solid materials. You'll see that choosing concrete or stone doesn't mean you have to have a very cold or harsh looking home. In fact, you can create a very warm and inviting home with more solid materials! This is exactly what we will see today.

Let's take a look!

The exterior facade

In this image, we can see how the designers have created a gorgeous and modern masterpiece of a home, by placing different blocks of concrete on top of one another. The result is a spatial design that is as impressive as it is functional. Don't you love how the designers have played with different volumes and planes here?

The bottom features a solid strip of concrete, providing privacy for the family on the bottom level of the home. On the second storey, we come across a bold cube, with one wall made completely from glass. This creates a gorgeous transition between the interior and exterior spaces.

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Interior warmth

If we head inside the home, we can see that the concrete structure remains, but there is a lot of warmth, character and personality throughout the interior. 

The concrete walls and ceilings are offset by the dark wooden floors, which introduce a very hearty and homely look and feel to the home.

Neutral colours dominate this space, creating a very soft and subtle form of sophistication. However, the designers have added a splash of colour in the form of a bright red sofa. Not only does this add some personality to the home, but it also looks very comfortable and cozy!

We can also see how the designers have created an open plan home, which is interactive and social.

Natural light

In the dining room, we can see how natural light plays a big role in the home. The glass works beautifully with the concrete structure, creating a very light and spacious looking home. 

Do you see how the glass windows and doors create a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces? This allows the family to feel like they are one with nature, no matter where they are in the home. Wouldn't you love to eat breakfast in this space, while the sunshine flows into the room, warming it up naturally?

The designers have opted for very simple wooden furniture in this space, which allows the focal point to be the beautiful garden outside. 

Exterior spaces

In this image, we can see how the designers have played with exterior and interior spaces. This is a truly innovative piece of architecture!

This space is like a little concrete cube, with open spaces that allow for natural light and ventilation to flow into this area. 

There is also a large mirror in this space, which plays with perception. It visually expands this area, making it look that much bigger and more interesting.

Artificial light

The home is beautiful due to the natural light, but the artificial light plays just as much of a role. 

In this space, we can see how the dark wooden stairs lead up to a wooden landing, which works in harmony with the white walls. The ceiling lights gently illuminate this space, creating a very welcoming and warm hallway.

Often hallways are overlooked in a home design, but they are just as important as any other room in the house. If you like a less minimalist look and feel, add a few decor items to this space such as artwork on the walls or family photographs, big pots of flowers or even a small tree.

Have a look at this ideabook: be swept off your feet by these hallways floors for inspiration on how to enhance your hallway.

The cozy bedroom

The bedroom is cushy and cozy with its thick linen duvets, warm colors and touch of personality in the form of artwork. 

This is a true little haven or cocoon, where the residents can escape from the rest of the world. The concrete walls make the bedroom seem even more like a little cave or a sturdy but serene bunker.  

Can you see how lighting plays a role in here, softly illuminating the room? 

Your bedroom should be a representation of who you are so even if you want to go for a minimalist look and feel, don't be afraid to add a touch of personality in the form of a photograph or a decor item that speaks to you.

Wouldn't you want to live in this cutting-edge and trendy home?

What do you think of this impressive piece of architecture?

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