14 ways to make your home's staircase a star

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Stairs can simply take you from A to B, but they can also serve as beautiful, dynamic, and eye-catching works of art in your home. These interior designers have built staircases that are a step above the ordinary, reaching new heights with their innovative use of materials, practical designs, and interesting shapes. If you have to go up and down your stairs all day, you might as well make the journey an amazing one.

1. Miniature Garden Under the Stairs

Who ever said you had to have a dusty, oddly shaped coat cabinet under your stairs? These designers feature a garden under the stairs! The smooth pebbles and trimmed foliage give off a Japanese garden vibe, creating a sense of calm and harmony.

2. Make Room for Storage

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase

Innovative storage solutions.


As practical as it is sleek, this under-the-stairs storage takes full advantage of unused space. With two separate sections for coats and shoes, this closet is bound to remain well-organized and conveniently out of the way as it hides under the stairs. 

3. Colourful Ascent

Not only are these floating stairs eye-catching, the adjacent wall is simply bursting with lively colours and patterns. The colourful backdrop has instantly transformed a functional staircase into a fun, artistic attraction.

Here, the designers have chosen wall tiles to add splashes of colour – on homify, you can find many more wall tile designs for inspiration.

4. Floating Steps

These steps make an almost surreal climb into the heavens above with their floating design! Each step is reinforced with a metal structure that is secured in the adjoining wall, allowing the wooden step to support the climber's weight even though it is cantilevered out into the room. The designers of this piece have gone a step further, not only featuring these bold wooden blocks as stairs, but also extending the bottom two steps across the room in a hybrid piece that also serves as a lovely bench. Minimalist and nature-inspired, this staircase is as daring as it is beautiful – something that you should keep in mind if you find yourself reaching for a banister.

5. Loud and Clear

The luxurious and historic feel of these smooth white stone steps is complimented nicely with the ultra-modern and transparent staircase railing. The simple, clean look of the staircase allows the details to shine – vibrant bursts of color emanate from the punchy yellow desk and mustard-coloured vases, while a transparent table reflects the shiny, luxurious vibe inherent in the stairs.

6. Books Under the Stairs

Another stunning storage option, this staircase double-functions as a bookcase! The blocky, 90-degree angles of the staircase offer the perfect framework for the rectangular shape of the shelves. And for anyone who ever stashes their items on the stairs (in hopes of remembering to take them up later), this designs allows you to conveniently place your items in a clutter-free manner.

7. Geometric Spiral

Both abstract and natural, this staircase design brings the viewer to the image of a twisted tree deep in an enchanted forest! Geometric shapes add intensity to the abstract design, while dark wood adds a smooth, rich texture. Light from the window plays beautiful with the rung-like shapes, casting a dynamic array of light and shadow on the walls. Working in a small space, these designers have managed to turn the tiniest nook into an intriguing and dynamic work of practical art.

8. Industrial Stairs Take Center Stage

If you've got a mind to feature your stairs as the centerpiece of your room, this design boasts materials, shapes, and surrounding decor that does just that. These sturdy stairs proudly sit as the main attraction, letting their crisp angles, stacked appearance, concrete texture, and sudden angled turns steal the spotlight. 

9. Space Age

Prepare for the next era with this ultra-modern staircase. Clear glass with subtle slits melds with chrome railings to make a bold, modern statement. Glossy, light, and sleek, this sharply-angled staircase is great display of modern architecture.

For a deeper look into some ultra-modern homes, check out this ideabook featuring some of homify's breathtaking contemporary architecture!

10. Cozy Nook

Harry Potter would be jealous of this one – this under-the-stairs space has been made into a cozy nook, with just enough light for a calm cup of tea or an afternoon catnap. This design takes advantage of the intimacy that the stairs offer by providing a sense of shelter overhead. Where many people store their old winter coats and vacuum cleaners, these homeowners can enjoy a quiet read.

11. Multi-tasking Steps

Theses steps haven't really made up their mind, have they? This puzzling design not only features blocky steps that look like they've popped straight out of a videogame, they also offer storage, decorative display surfaces, and an attached desk. These multi-tasking stairs have been turned into a dynamic adventure, as long as you choose your path wisely!

12. Minimalist Inspired

These minimalist stairs have a certain oriental-inspired look. Strong, even angles from the wooden steps are offered a contract with the paper-thin transparent railing, creating a minimalist look that's both geometric and natural. The sharp angles of the steps act as a counterpart to the rounded edges of the bulbous hanging lanterns and soft flower petals below, creating harmonious balance of shapes throughout the room.

13. Winding through the Jungle

The plant life in this home has given the staircase a lush jungle environment in which it spirals subtly to the floor above. The design is simple, and the blend of dark and light materials offer fine lines that do not upstage its surroundings as the theme from the floor is carried upwards by the narrow slats in the spiraling steps. 

14. Memories of Gaudi

As an architect obsessed with blending elements of aquatic life into his Modernist designs, the famous Antoni Gaudí would have wholeheartedly approved of this smooth, silky staircase. As effortless as flowing water, this swirling structure simply pours through the levels of this home.  

Feeling inspired by these gorgeous stairs? Step it up with your comments below.

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