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8 Wonderful White Homes You'll Love to Live In

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White is a simple color with connotations of purity, cleanliness, and hope. White offers boundless opportunities for interior decorators as well as exterior architects to design clean, peaceful, and stunning homes. Have a look at these ravishing beauties, and you're sure to agree – pure, effortless white will never go out of style.

1. Stunning White Beauty

The sleek exterior of this home is plain-on-purpose, and with the lush, white flowers blooming in the yard, the white color scheme creates a stunning facade. This is powerful example of what a garden can do for the exterior of a home.

If you're feeling inspired by this look reminiscent of a scene straight from Alice in Wonderland, have a look at this ideabook offering more garden design and decorating ideas.

2. How White Plays with Light

These designers appreciate the reflective properties of a clean white interior, and they have taken advantage of them both through a corrugated ceiling that directs the streams of light, as well as through a superbly lit bathroom fully visible from the master bedroom. The idea of cleanliness was never more apparent than in this design, which features a bathroom so white that it's actually dazzling to the eyes. If there ever was a place to get squeaky clean, this is it.

3. A White Backdrop

By decorating this room in an assortment of soft, creamy whites, these designers created a lovely backdrop that will allow any colourful elements, like the plant and vase pictured here, to shine brightly in contrast. Letting the furniture and walls to blend into a continuous, interrupted layer, this colour scheme is easy on the eyes and offers ample room for changing around those little colourful details over time.

4. Playing Up Natural Surroundings

Nature takes the main stage here as the greyish whites of the couch, sink, floor, walls, and ceiling fade into the background. With window as expansive as these, it would be a shame to compete with the beauty of all the nature surrounding this home, and these designers have been wise to keep it simple with their white colour scheme.

5. White with Neutrals

Tawny colours of the the floor and stairs mix with the darker brown of the dining table and black of the kitchen counter top in this white-on-neutral design. Here, the smooth white surfaces provide a solid and sharp contrast to the neutrals that also fill the space, creating a contrast that's dynamic, but not overwhelming. 

Again, you'll see how lovely a colourful flower in a vase looks when placed in front of a white backdrop – this combination exudes classic beauty.

6. Multi-Medium

Drawing attention to distinct textures placed around the living room, this design has little need for any more colour – white works perfectly here. A unique wooden coffee table stands next to curvy, smooth chairs, as spiky plants, punchy orange blossoms, and a rough wooden wall fill the background with interest and texture. With such a large assortment of unique and eclectic items, these designers have once again proven the potential of pure white to make the details really pop.

7. Interesting Shapes

The furniture and floor may be all white, but the blue and grey hues created by shadows draw interesting shapes for this all-white layout. Rounded, marshmallow-like couch cushions are complimented by the circles of the lamps and oval table, while sharper squared edges are visible just beyond on the outside deck. The assortment of shapes and the angled placement of the furniture runs the risk of looking uncoordinated; however, they've all been tied together nicely in a soft, pure hue.

8. Minimalist White

Midcentury Modern Desk in Solid Ash Biggs & Quail Study/officeDesks
Biggs & Quail

Midcentury Modern Desk in Solid Ash

Biggs & Quail

This space gives you ample space to think, featuring little more than a spindly table and matching chair, and a few plants to give the space life. What really sings here is how the sunlight streaming in through the window is allowed to touch every corner of this room, filling the study with a sense of clarity. Devoid of any distractions, this minimalist white study is the perfect environment for someone looking for some peace of mind.

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