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A Ramshackle Home Reborn

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Aina Deyà _ architecture & design Mediterranean style house Aluminium/Zinc Beige
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Palma de Mallorca is a beautiful resort city in Spain and home to breathtaking medieval architectures. But today, we are here to take a close look at the incredible transformation of a dilapidated home which once sagged under the ravages of time. But thanks to the magic touch of the architects at Aina Deya Architecture & Design, Ca n’Aina i n’Albert is now a gorgeous and stylish place to live in. It is all set to impress you with its warm wooden accents, lavish use of bright white, simple and clean designs, and clever contemporary touches.

Before: A terrible terrace

The deplorable condition of the whole house is pretty clear to us, given the wretched shape that the terrace is in. The plaster is peeling off, the paintwork is shabby, the tiles are chipped, and the entire appearance is that of a neglected and unfashionable home. But you can see how much potential the terrace has for beautification and relaxation.

After: The terrace turns trendy

What a makeover! Gone are the rickety fittings and tiles, and we simply adore the lining of the floor with artificial grass! Though the slatted design of the windows and door is retained, the new look is stylish and modern. The white frames look pleasant against the light grey of the walls. The boundary wall has been extended to the end of the house in one clean line, and the pipes no longer jut out in an unattractive manner. The look is neat and elegant and we can easily visualize basking in the sunshine on this terrace!

After: A living room perfect for simple comfort

Looking down at the living room from the loft above, it is evident that care has been taken to preserve the original flavour of the house while tastefully modernising it. Note the freshly painted beams on the sloping roof and the white staircase blending with the wall. The last three steps are interestingly topped with wood for a contemporary touch. The old-style gate has been retained and the natural wooden floor looks simple and warm. The furniture is functional yet stylish. The plush purple sofa breathes sheer comfort while adding a dash of colour – what fun it would be to relax in its depths!

After: Contemporary allure in the dining and kitchen

The dining and kitchen areas offer a modern look below the restored wooden beams of the original roof. The trendy kitchen island and chairs are in pristine white, and complement the coziness of wood in this space. The natural wood floor, picnic-style dining table and the bench provide homely appeal in a pleasing contrast against the stark whiteness, while the black pendant lights add a touch of industrial chic glamour. This is an ideal room for family dining and offers easy movement between the kitchen and the dining table.

After: Lounging in the loft

An ideal space for either work or relaxation, the loft is simple, spacious and private. The restored wooden beams complement the natural wooden floor, while the protective net is in tune with the prevailing functional look of the place. Quirky wall-mounted bookshelves adorn the wall at the end, and look ready to offer intellectual stimulation.

After: Elegant minimalism in the bathroom

The slatted windows of the terrace are repeated in the bathroom, which is a lesson in minimalistic beauty! The use of simple, natural wood is seen in this room too, in smooth cohesion with the clean lines of the white washbasin. The long mirror and countertop, the glass panel for the shower area and the brown, white and black colour palette give this bathroom a simple, functional yet classy look.

This beautifully restored house is a dream blend of functionality and style. What a change from its earlier decaying condition! The architects have captured the essence of the original house while remodelling it in a contemporary fashion. The new look is simply a vision in natural, comfortable elegance. Here’s another before and after story to inspire you - A Plain Home to Peerless.

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