Decor tricks: 7 ways to perk up your tired house

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So, you've rearranged the furniture about ten times, yet you're still looking for some dramatic changes that will help you fall in love with your space again.  Keeping your house fresh and invigorating can help keep you feeling your best, giving you a sense of alignment with your surroundings. If your current home landscape is feeling dull or tired, try these tricks from homify  to help you to rekindle the flame.

1. Try Out a Bold Color

More permanent than rearranging the furniture every other week, repainting your walls is a good trick for changing the look and feel of a room. In this case, dramatic change can work wonders for a tired room. When you're finally standing in the paint section of the hardware store, don't lose your nerve – that bright and daring colour that you've picked out will work wonders. Here, a teal wall is dotted with white wall stickers, keeping the bold colour light. With plenty of light entering the room from the side window, this bluish-hued bedroom exudes a unique sense of quiet excitement bound to freshen up any space.

2. Turn a Wall into the Main Attraction

Imagine what this space would look like without the large mural – the words stark and plain come immediately to mind. This lovely mural takes center stage and creates an original room full of personal character. You can commission an interior decorator, or you can opt to do it yourself by using wall stickers or tile stickers – peruse through the wide array of inspiration on homify's walls and floors section.

3. Add a Statement Plant

While you may not have room for a small indoor tree such as the one placed beside the window in this example, adding a green statement to your home is a great way to freshen up a space. Plant life is pleasing to the eye and provides and interesting conversation piece; it also helps to purify the air within your home (it is also a practice of Feng Shui to include plant life in your home – see this ideabook on Feng Shui for details). Whether you opt for a serious of potted plants hanging on the living room wall, a large orchid on your bathroom counter, or a lush, large-leafed banana plant, a plant can bring the zest of life back into your home. 

For more green ideas, check out the many gardens that homify offers!

4. Create a Gallery Wall

You can experiment with this one – do you have any old maps or travel souvenirs? How about some antique photos of your ancestors, old magazine covers, records, documents, or childhood art? Perhaps you have som extra framed art sitting in a storage box in the attic because you haven't been able to find space for it? 

Using simple items that you may already have on hand, you can create an eclectic gallery wall by framing your treasures and putting them on display – as this example shows, an arrangement that has a mis-matched-on-purpose vibe works perfectly. 

5. Create Storage

Sometimes, you can get tired of a space simply because you've grown tired of accumulating the same clutter, only to hurriedly put it all away in the ten minutes before a guest arrives. Adding a floor-to-ceiling storage shelf is a good way to create enough storage space to eliminate the clutter. An added bonus is that the versatility of the shelving option allows you to modify the entire display over time, switching out old items with new ones, an changes arrangements and colour schemes to keep things interesting.

6. Make it Mobile

For those of you who really do like to rearrange the furniture, have you considering hoisting your furniture onto wheels? This will give movement to your space, allowing you to be as dynamic as you wish and freeing you to rearrange as you please. Not to mention, wheel-mounted furniture like the kitchen counter pictured here gives you the flexibility to easily create open spaces in your home for hosting lively get-togethers with friends and family – the ultimate rejuvenatation for any home.

7. Turn Clutter into Decór

Lastly, if you're tired of tripping over the same clutter, you can sweep it out of the way once and for all by hanging it up. The bicycle pictured here has been transformed from an obstacle into a spectacle, with little more than a wall hook or two. 

Comment below with your two cents on tips and tricks for falling back in love with your home!

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