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An Ordinary Balcony Made Lavish

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This transformation will simply wow you. An old, empty balcony was made into a happy space overflowing with life and colour, all through the work of interior decorators. There's no paint, no new flooring, and no major work. Instead, furniture and accessories were cleverly added to make a for a useful and stylish space. You'll want to sit down under a bright orange umbrella and sip some summer lemonade after you check out this amazing balcony update.

After: Radiant

The first thing that catches our eye is that amazing shade of orange. There's colour everywhere, from the plates to the pillows. The matching rug was a great decision, not just to cover up the ugly stain, but to add personality with the bright striped pattern. The couch is a very practical one, its clearly been chosen to fit exactly in the corner of the balcony, to make the most of the space. Plus, its a nice neutral cream that could transition with the space if the owners decided to do a bright blue theme next year. 

Before: Empty and Dingy

This isn't a functional, or pretty, outdoor space. It looks like the flooring had some water collecting in the centre and the resulting discoloration is rather ugly. The single ash tray looks a little odd without any furniture, but that one lonely potted plant is even sadder. Can you believe that this space was made bright and chic without a single coat of paint?

The Hanging Details

Did you notice all of the cute hanging decor? These lovely white lanterns will be a blessing at night, providing some romantic candle light. But there are other cute hanging candles in pink, blue, and yellow that add a splash of colour to the white wall. There is also a huge white lantern hanging in the window. Scroll back up and take a peek! These hanging candles are some easy weekend projects if you want to spruce up any of your outdoor spaces. Or you could check out some more do it yourself projects for outdoor spaces.

Flower Filled

Wave petunias, pink daisies, and all kinds of other bright flowers make an appearance in this balcony. The petunias are a great choice, filling in any gaps left by the other flowers and blooming all summer. The pink daisies fit in with the citrus feel of the balcony with their yellow centres. Otherwise, this pink bed is a great compliment to the yellow and orange dominating the rest of the balcony. 

Lounging in Fur

This faux-fur chair is as wild as the rest of the balcony. It looks comfortable and fun, but the white and grey pattern keep it from being too dramatic. The bright yellow side table is a lovely piece, and its small stem keeps it from being too large for the space. There is some more hanging decor here too, the white balls on the bottom of the railing (right side) look playful and bright against the dark balcony rail. 

Balcony Shelves

These shelves add some storage and some style to the balcony. They're loaded with cute striped potted plants, that match the stripes in the rug and pillows and echo those wild colours. The candles are there to add some light to this corner of the balcony, while the carved Sun is a cute thematic reminder of happy summer days. We love the little elements like these that require little investment but pay off huge in personality. You can find more cute outdoor accessories here

From the Sidewalk

This balcony is eye-catching from the sidewalk too, where its clear that an umbrella and some canvas have been added for extra shade. 

The Full Picture

Here's the full picture of the balcony again, but in more casual use. New pillows were swapped out easily, the umbrella was removed for the overcast day, and someone has been reading in that amazing faux-fur chair. The space still looks bright and happy, and we're sure the owners must make great use of it. If you don't have a balcony for yourself, we've got you covered with these gorgeous gazebos you can spend your summer in instead. 

How do you incorporate bright colour into your outdoor spaces? Let us know in the comments!
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