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Nine Ways to Make Your Walls Wonderful

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If you want to bring a new feeling to a room walls should be your first stop. Even with the same furniture, a new coat of paint or layer of wallpaper can breathe new life into a space. Why stop there? These nine walls are the focal pieces of their room, making a huge statement that just wouldn't be possible without them. Whether you're looking for a calm kitchen, a wild lounge, or a sophisticated reading room these wall ideas are all you'll need. 

1. Dream Dressing Room

This wallpaper makes for a chic dressing room. Anyone who is in love with shoes will want to put this up in their dressing room, or maybe even their bedroom. Worried about the wallpaper? It's not everyone's favourite wall covering, but if you want you could get a professional to put it up for you. Wallpaper can give an effect that you can't achieve otherwise, unless you're willing to spend tedious hours with a stencil. 

2. Personal Message

This wall is a look you can achieve by hand, with some paint and the right brushes. If you want to, you could even use a stencil to make sure those letters turn out perfectly. In this case, the emphasis on blues and water has created a tranquil space. But, you could achieve all kinds of looks with this technique, including making a wall that's all about family, food, or love. 

3. Inexpensive Mural

Wallpaper isn't always about repeating patterns. Sometimes it can make one huge image, which can be a great option for those who want a beautiful mural on the cheap. The designers of this room have gone wild, and it paid off. The symmetrical image really draws the eye in, making this living room feel centred and joyful. 

4. Accent Wall

The latest trend in accent walls suggests painting all but your accent wall a crisp modern white. The carpet in this room helps to surround the wall with as much white as possible, really making it stand out. For those of you who have shied away from accent walls in the past because you were worried about adding a bold colour, fret no more. This wall proves that even soft colours can be great accents. 

5. Sense of Place

Custom Street Map Wallpaper Love Maps On Ltd. Walls & flooringWallpaper
Love Maps On Ltd.

Custom Street Map Wallpaper

Love Maps On Ltd.

If you're in love with your city this wallpaper idea is for you. The map was generated from google maps based on the actual location of the home and then custom printed. The purple and pink lines have become the colours for the room, making a soft sitting room. Of course, you could change the colours to whatever you wanted. You could even add the details of your favourite places!

6. Stripes

If you want to paint stripes on your wall don't just settle for the basics. Pick out a range of tones, and use stripes of differing thickness to make a bigger impact. You can keep the colours neutral if you want the stripes to appear in multiple rooms. This also makes for the most sophisticated look. Or, you could add one or two colours that are bright and bold, making a vivid space. 

7. Faux Texture

We can hardly believe this is wallpaper. It looks amazing, and it saves you the work and expense of adding texture to indoor walls. This way you can have the warm and natural feel of stones in your living room, without the mess. Or, you could add a brick wall next to make a rustic feel without the real cost of the bricks.  

8. Painted Panels

There's an inexpensive way to add wooden panels into a room: you can paint them on! These panels can make a bedroom feel like a princess castle, or a sitting room feel straight out of Victorian England. You can create all kinds of fake architectural elements in a room, with paint and some creativity. 

9. Family Photographs

Bespoke Photomontage Wallpaper - Mimosaic Style Identity Papers Walls & flooringWallpaper
Identity Papers

Bespoke Photomontage Wallpaper – Mimosaic Style

Identity Papers

Why not make your own wallpaper, out of your cherished family photographs? If you want to match the colours to your existing furniture, you could take a trip to a photographer wearing the specific colours.  An interior designer could help you pick out the colours for everyone, and the background. Then you just need to get the photos made into wallpaper and custom printed.

We have some more ideas to perk up your home, including some more dazzling walls, here.

Which of these ideas works best for your walls? Let us know in the comments!
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