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Balcony S.O.S.: Three Amazing Rescues

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No one was taking care of these ugly balconies and patios. They were either in disrepair or in serious need of some sprucing up. But, balconies done right can be an amazing asset in city apartments. They provide some much needed fresh air, and can be havens of bold summer style that you wouldn't feel comfortable adding to the year-round parts of your home. After you see what interior designers have done with these plain balconies, you'll believe that even the smallest of outdoor spaces can be made fabulous. 

Before: Boring

These two plain white patio chairs look like a call for help to us. But, they seem to take up all of the space on the balcony, how could you possibly make this spacious?

After: Roomy Beauty

You can still fit two people on this porch, but you can also fit so much more! There's a table, plus a stand for food fresh from the kitchen, and four window planters. The designers have cleverly made room for the double couch by hanging two planters outside the the railing. Now there's also plenty of privacy, with plants on all three sides and the black and white fabric hung along the sides. We have tons of perfectly sized patio furniture for you to choose from!

Before: Lifeless

The owners just weren't taking advantage of this huge balcony. It's an odd shape, but its gray wood is already gorgeous and its view of the view looks nice. There's some good starting elements to work with here. 

After: Energized

Plants have been put into every corner of this space to add colour and life, while the taller bushes add a bit of privacy. One of the drawbacks of the balcony before is that it had no shade, so the soft white umbrella is a practical addition. The glass-topped table and the soft grey furniture compliment the grey wood nicely. On this spacious balcony there was even room for a yoga mat in the middle! Imagine rooftop yoga at sunrise, it must be so energizing!

Before: Overgrown

This patio is lush and green, but has needed some love for a long time. The table and chairs look so weather-worn that they might just break if you tried to sit on them. 

After: Natural Retreat

The designers have kept the woodsy style of this porch, while giving it a major upgrade. The plants have all been properly pruned back, and while they still provide privacy they also look quite decorative.  The furniture has been chosen to emphasize the natural, made out of dark wood and faux-fur. The beige and brown colours might seem plain, but there's plenty of room for the owners to add some bright plants, like the bold pink pot in the back. If you want some more balcony inspiration we have a lavish balcony transformation here

Which of these three balconies is your favourite? Let us know why in the comments!
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