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Rooms that are on the small side present a special design opportunity: they can be deliciously adorable. As the traditional home of soft colours, little bar stools, and miniature fruit, the kitchen has huge potential for cuteness. If you're low on ideas for decorating your kitchen, these nine little show-stoppers, featured on homify , will supply you with some quintessentially cute ideas. 

1. Family Focal Point

If only your small kitchen had room for a message board for meal planning, family notes, and cute drawings by the little ones. Well, it's just a can of paint away, with paint-on chalkboards. This simple feature adds function and heartwarming messages to the family kitchen. 

2. Sweet Breakfast Nook

This little kitchen relies on white, blue and yellow, and uses those colours expertly. The tiled floor is an ornate pattern that provides some visual interest in the otherwise plain room. The coloured cords holding up the little trio of lights helps make them a main feature. The lights also function to centre the eye over the tiny table, making the breakfast nook the focal point over the plain white counter-top. It's simple but sweet. 

3. Curvy Kitchen

One of the most remarkable features of this kitchen are the two curvy walls. They visually separate the kitchen from the dining area, making the single small space seem like two. The bold yellow cupboards is another way to make a cute and sunny space. You might want to consult with an interior designer before you bring in such a bold colour. 

4. Serving Window

If you have a small kitchen adding a serving window can work to expand the space. The residents now have a second storage spot where they can place their cutest teacups, vases, and miniature Eiffel Tower. There's some adorable bobble-heads on the kitchen shelf too. It's small details like these that add a personal and adorable touch. 

5. Soft Colours

One way to make your kitchen cuter is to use a few very soft colours. Keeping the  walls' top colour neutral and adding a splash of accent on the bottom is a tried and true strategy. Just make sure the darker colour is on the bottom, or the room looks unbalanced. Also, white ridges all along the counters look adorable, as simple textures so often do. 

6. Old-Fashioned Flair

Little Cream Kitchen Hallwood Furniture Kitchen
Hallwood Furniture

Little Cream Kitchen

Hallwood Furniture

If you're a fan of recipes by Grandma, you'll like this old-fashioned kitchen that feels comfortable and warm. The mini stove is a great solution for small kitchens, and its soft colour has made the whole kitchen feel vintage. The effect is completed with flared cupboards and simple appliances like the bread box and milk container. Cabinet suppliers will have some old-fashioned styles for you to choose from. 

7. Wild and Feminine

This gorgeous kitchen with shiny curves and leopard print is cute in a jungle kind of way. The delicate chandelier and the pink fridge go along way to establishing a traditional feminine feel. The addition of some tropical plants and pink cut-roses makes the style fusion even more clear, and cute. 

8. The Tuck Away Kitchen

This is one surprising little space. The whole tiny kitchen disappears behind stark white cupboards, which is an amazing space solution for small apartments! The tiny plants, cups, and bottles look adorable in those miniature shelves, and the pops of yellow in the black and white theme reminds us of bumblebees. 

9. Washed Wood

There doesn't have to be a lot of colour to make a kitchen quirky. This small grain wood is a unqiue choice for the kitchen, and the tile shape on the flooring is even more so. This little kitchen feels very warm, but also sharp and modern with the white brick wall and plain white back-splash. We have some more tips for small home decor, in every room, right here

Could you see yourself cooking in one of these cute kitchens? Let us know why in the comments!

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