A Forest Home Perfect for Cottage Country

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If this was your cottage you'd be heading up every weekend. Designed by German architectsWoody-Holzhaus, it's a fresh take on the nature-inspired home. It remains woodsy while adding clean modern shape, soft colours, and clever furnishings. It's 900 square feet of cottage bliss, kept simple to prevent the cottage-clutter headaches that plague so many of us in Canada. Did we mention there's a sauna? 

Timber Exterior

We love how the grey wooden exterior of the home matches the wood its surrounded by. This home seems to be a part of it's surroundings, with the stone scattered simply on one side, and the plants edging the walkway. Yet there's something about the sharp roof and extensive balconies that feel modern and sharp. This combination, between natural and modern, is a show-stopper for sure.  

Peach Wood

Inside, the wood is warmer and softer, in light peach. This lends the space a warmth that feels more modern than darker wood finishes. The huge windows let in tonnes of natural light, while the white curtain set on a railing allows for privacy whenever its needed. The simple white and black colour pairing is very modern, as are the rounded chairs and coffee table. The whole space feels bright and happy. 

Simple Kitchen

This little kitchen puts function before all else. It's white cupboards and black counter top are a natural extension of the rest of the house. The metallic fridge reflects the bright natural light. But you don't need more than a simple design for the cottage, its best to keep things simple and focus on relaxing. Looking for a bigger impact? We have some bold, and cute kitchen ideas here

Small Pop of Colour

This room has a tiny pop of yellow colour that gives its some bright character. The lights, the pillows, and the potted plant all incorporate the colour in subtle amounts, letting the rich navy be the star of the room. The floating bedside tables are a neat little space saver. They seem to be worked right into the ridges of the wall, which adds to the unity of the space. Note that the bed is the right size for the room, giving enough space for the owner to stand at the closet. Nothing feels crowded, instead it feels clean and spacious. 

The Sauna

This warm luxurious sauna is certainly the highlight of the home. It has room to lie down at the top, or sit in the middle, and a whole host of people could fit right in. We can only imagine how wonderful it would be to step into this sauna from your own home. If you feel the same, you're going to love browsing through our other spa ideas here

Attic Hideaway

This lovely attic space looks very useful. Whether you need a spot to work without the kids distracting you, or whether you need a space for the children to enjoy in bad weather, this little area fits the bill. It follows the same modern palette that the rest of the house has, but includes some bright and wild furniture to liven up the space. The combination of the black and white pillows on the deep pink couch is an eye-catcher, for sure. 

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Which design element has made your cottage time happy? Let us know in the comments!

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