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Contemplate these Calming Garden Accessories

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There's nothing as calming as a full and blooming garden space. Forget those empty suburban backyards and add some accessories to your outdoor space to foster it's rejuvenating potential. The garden solutions range from simple to intricate, but each will leave you with a sense of well-being and harmony. 

1. Koi Pond

Water features don't have to be huge to be beautiful. This pond is only a few inches deep, just enough for the koi, and is contained by simply laid stones. Even a little pond can provide the calming sound of trickling water for your backyard. 

2. Calm Statues

What's a better reminder to stay balanced than Buddha himself? Consider adding statues that match your personal philosophies or style to create some character for your garden. Not sure what statue fits you? Angels, saints, ancient Greek style statues and birds are all popular choices as they tend to foster calming and tranquil spaces.  Of course, don't shy away from buying a ceramic statue to paint yourself, as it's sure to add a personal touch. 

3. Fire Pits

This simple portable fire-pit is a lovely way to add warmth to your garden on cool evenings. The gaps in the design allow for efficient airflow to maintain the fire, but they also look dramatic and fun. Of course, we'd being doing you a disservice if we didn't mention those gorgeous drift wood stools. If these nature-inspired stools are you style then seating for your fire-pit is only a weekend project away.

4. Green Statues

Combining plants with statues, seats, fences or other stable elements of your garden design is a fantastic way to foster a sense of balance. This citrus tree is a stunning addition to this statue that will only get more dramatic as it grows. Consider similar options like ivy crawling up stones, morning glories growing on trellises, or other vines enriching the garden walls. As a bonus, this strategy can add a ton of privacy! Check out these garden updates that shine in any season.

5. Elegant Patios

Don't stop at function for your deck, add some beauty too. Wrought iron designs are still the pinnacle of grand design in garden spaces. Their intricacy and elegance are unmatched. 

Outdoor space too small for this idea? Don't worry, even small spaces like balconies can be made stylish. Check out these three amazing balcony updates to see how. 

6. Orderly Trim

Sometimes we avoid the garden because we know it needs work, but if you treat your plants with care they can be the best accessories in your garden. Consider getting a professional landscaper to do the work for you. They can expertly shape your plants to create a more harmonious and orderly space. Size gradients like this one are particularly popular, especially for pathways. They create a nice sense of progression and growth that feels natural in living space. 

7. Bird Song

Wire Frame Bird Feeders Green & Blue Garden Accessories & decoration
Green & Blue

Wire Frame Bird Feeders

Green & Blue

The simple addition of some bird feeders and fresh fruit or nuts can attract the cheerful creatures to your yard. If your backyard becomes their new hiding spot you can be peaceful bird song will fill your morning and evenings. Be warned though, if you hang these feeders where squirrels can reach them you'll be feeding them, too.  Also, if hummingbirds are your favourite look for the dark red nectar feeders instead.

8. Hanging Lanterns

To keep enjoying your garden at night try adding some hanging lanterns, either powered like these, or with candles for a softer ambiance. Even if the garden is already bright enough, you'll admire the lovely character these beauties add at night and during the day. For maximum daytime impact go for a bright colour, like these vibrant yellow lamps, so that no one can miss them. 

9. Rocking Chairs

They aren't just for the nursery. Rocking or swinging furniture can be a real pleasure in outdoor spaces, especially by creating some breeze on hot days. This wooden rocking chair is made of some stunning wood that looks natural but vivid. There is plenty of stylish garden seating to choose from here

Which of these ideas is right for your garden? Let us know in the comments!

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