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Leigh Leigh
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Today we are going to be going down under to explore a gorgeous piece of architecture in Perth, Western Australia, by design professionals Moda Interiors.

This project is the perfect example of how art and architecture can collide, creating a home that is as stunning as it is comfortable. 

As Stephen Gardiner said, Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.

Let's go and explore this home room by room to see just what all the fuss is about. It will solve all of your problems!

The eclectic facade

From the outside, you can see that this is no ordinary design.

The facade is an eclectic array of colours and materials, bringing together orange, white and black in perfect harmony.

There are different shapes and volumes enhanced throughout the facade by design elements, including the different colors and textures, creating a very modern, trendy and retro look and feel. While there is glassed used throughout the facade, creating a transparent barrier between the interior and the exterior, there is still plenty of privacy for the family.

Don't you love the very unique block, which houses the number of the house? It almost looks like a Jenga block against the backdrop of the exterior. 

The open plan design

The living room spills out into the dining room and the kitchen, creating a gorgeous interactive space that is trendy yet functional. 

The entire living space opens up onto the exterior thanks to a large glass sheet of glass, creating a wonderful transition between the interior and the exterior. This brings lots of fresh air and sunshine into the space. It also makes the living space look that much bigger!

Lighting plays a big role in the home, enhancing every detail and design. Rather than a few very bright (even blinding!) lights, the designers have opted for lots of small lights in the ceiling, which can be dimmed. Lanterns and lamps also litter this space, creating beautiful ambiance throughout.

The kitchen island

If we move into the kitchen, we can see how the space is slightly separated from the rest of the home by a kitchen island. Kitchen islands are a wonderful addition to any home, especially when there is an open plan design. This still allows the family to engage with one another, while keeping the food area separate. 

A kitchen island adds an extra surface to the kitchen, were food can be prepared. It also adds extra storage space, allowing for all glassware, crockery and cutlery to be stored neatly out of sight. As we can see in this image, there are also some ottomans pulled up to the kitchen island, for a more casual seating area. Can't you imagine sharing a glass of wine here with your best friend or watching over the kids while they do their homework?

The colours in the kitchen and throughout the home include chocolate browns, which creates a very warm and cozy environment. Patterns and colours are softly introduced to the space, providing some personality and panache!

Natural light

From this angle in the kitchen, we can see how much space there is thanks to how the designers have worked with the longitudinal area available to them. 

The high ceilings also add height and depth to the space – a great tip for a modern home. High ceilings are very common in older houses but they can be difficult to find in newer houses. If you're lucky enough to have them, work with them! Install some gorgeous lights to really enhance the height and depth!

A big feature of this kitchen is the natural light, which flows into this space thanks to the glass windows and doors. With high ceilings like this, you could also get away with installing skylights!

Natural light naturally warms up the kitchen space, as well as making it look light and bright. This truly makes the kitchen the heart of the home.

Have a look at these tips for bathing your home in natural light.

It's all in the detail

Even the home office is stylish and trendy!

From the dark wooden floors to the black leather chairs, this space oozes sophistication and class. The designers have utilized the vertical space available to them, adding shelves to house personal items that have been put on display. These add personality and charm to the home. 

Vertical space is always a good place to start when it comes to storing items, especially if you don't want to take up any more floor space than necessary. Have a look at these things to consider when choosing shelves.

The sign above the desk reads Wall Street, adding some real city slicker style to the space. Don't you love the white and black tones, which work with the warm wooden floor?

The personal bedroom

There is even artistry in the bedroom!

It features butterfly wallpaper, which is enhanced by neutral linen. The colorful cushions and dark purple blanket create a cozy little cocoon where the owner of this bedroom can feel safe and looked after.

You'll notice that there are side tables next to the bed, ensuring that all personal items are stored neatly out of sight. This creates a very neat and organized bedroom, allowing for the beautiful and colorful items to become the focal point.

Lighting is key to the bedroom – don't you love the lamps on the side of the bed? This softens the ambiance in the room, creating a warm and happy space.

The main bedroom

The main bedroom features wooden floors, white ceilings and a grey facade, which sets the tone for a sleek and stylish bedroom. The designers have completely enhanced this with gorgeous displays of artwork including on the wall and in the form of the rug on the floor.

Don't you think it looks like a grand masterpiece?

The chandelier on the ceiling is another wonderful element that truly enhances this entire space. It works in harmony with the other lights that have been embedded in the ceiling as well as the lamps next to the bed. 

The staircase

We end off our tour on the gorgeous staircase, which is a masterpiece in itself. The wooden stairs look like they float up to the second level, which are further dramatized by the large glass window behind them. 

Wooden staircases are a gorgeous functional addition to any home. Have a look at these other wooden staircases that wow.

There is a stylish yet functional railing that drops from the ceiling next to the staircase, creating a very effective design. In a minimalist home, the functional items need to double up as decor items, which is exactly what we see here.

As Frank Lloyd Wright said, Every great architect is – necessarily – a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.

What is your favorite part of this home?
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