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Seoul is the ultramodern and bustling capital of South Korea, and dotted with dazzling architectures, avant-garde subways and thriving street markets. And while exploring its many traditional as well as contemporary delights, we came across Julia’s house, which was once a drab and disorderly abode with no aesthetic charm. Both its interior and exterior spaces needed urgent revamping, which is why the architects at Ashless Institute of Architecture were approached for a brilliant home renovation. Now, the residence sports a smart, streamlined look with classy wooden accents which are minimalistic yet striking. Read on to learn more.

Before: Utter outdoor chaos

The façade wore a chaotic and cluttered look that was further accentuated by the overgrown foliage that may have looked pretty at some point, but looked untamed and unkempt now. While the brick façade made a strong style statement, it needed the support of better structural planning and elements so that the space could appear more expansive and neat.

After: Brick and Wood to the Rescue

The façade now has a neat and streamlined look with a balanced play of wood and bricks. The wooden slats lining the eaves and the drops of the deck ensure that the rustic, log cabin charm is kept alive while the linear quality of the home brings in an urban flavour. The concrete bricks exude a solid look while the trellis-like gate adds a delicate touch.

Before: Desolate Terrace

The terrace was in a sorry state of affairs with neither a view nor space to lounge around, despite its airy quarters. The lack of proper railing and the mess created by the wires were an eyesore that prevented the home owners from enjoying this space.

After: Wooden Glory on the Terrace

The new found beauty of this wrap around terrace is all thanks to its new wooden bearings that create a wholesome statement. Privacy has been granted to the space with slim wooden pillars that stand guard in their ramrod straight beauty on one side. The deck is lined with pale wood and climbs up a level in one corner to create a sit out, while a sleek pool of glistening water marks the passageway in and out of the home. The doors and windows have also enjoyed an update with better frames.

After: Airy Mezzanine

As we walk up the stairs, we are riveted by the shadows cast across the ceiling and walls as natural light floods into this wooden and white area. Good planning and large windows ensure that this space is well lit.

After: A Private Nook

This gallery provides a sunny and private nook that brings a little bit of the outdoors inside, with the grey brick wall and warm wooden balustrade.

This Korean home is now a smart, modish and delightful place to live in for any modern family. Take a look at another makeover story for more ideas - A Dated Home Gets Dreamy.

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