19 cheap and simple home improvement ideas

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The key to home improvement is to make it as easy on yourself as possible. This must be why so many people hire interior designers, but don't worry if you don’t have the budget for such an extravagance.

We have some cheap and easy ways to update your home right here and all you’ll need is a small amount of cash, a little free time and some imagination. We hope you’ve got the craft bug and some old dining chairs lying around…

1. Furniture on wheels offers the possibility of fluid, evolving interiors that never get old. Simply pick up some castors from a DIY shop

2. Plants are you best friends when it comes to updating a space instantly!

3. If you can’t buy new items, simply paint up old furniture! Shabby chic means you don’t have to get a perfect finish

4. Look for a smaller number of more quirky pieces. They will pull focus from the rest of the space

5. Upcycle old apple and wine crates into handy storage and furniture

6. Line drawers with awesome retro wallpaper for added zing in your storage

7. If lining goes well, you could even try your hand at some decoupage or painting. Just start with an item of furniture you could live without!

8. Dig out your fabric stash and make a few simple slip-on cushion covers

9. Don’t overlook simple items, such as wall hooks. It’s all about what you have dangling from them and they can look ever so striking

10. Mini bulldog clips are a great way to hand photographs and art, if you like something a bit different

11. Open, simple storage is easier to move than built-in items and can be customised easily

12. Rugs are a one-stop way to totally change the vibe and comfort level of a room and can be so cheap

14. Ladder shelves offer cool, calm and casual storage wherever you need it the most. Paint them a bright colour and they look great

13. Frame your art, but don’t feel like you have to hang it on the wall. You can simply lean it up, while stood on the floor. No drilling needed!

15. Curtains make a vast difference to any room, especially if they were absent before. You could even make your own simple tab tops

16. When all else in your bedroom is simple, perhaps you could go a little overboard with the headboard? What a statement!

17. Removable wall decals look great, are easy and fast to apply and non-permanent. A great way to change up a room!

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18. Table lamps aren’t as old-fashioned as you might think and certainly perk up a room. Funky shades can work wonders to add some whimsy

19. To get your home looking freshly decorated from top to bottom, a quick and simple upgrade is changing your door handles. You won’t believe what an impact it makes

For more home décor DIY tips and tricks, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 Easy DIY Ideas To Make Your Home More Special.

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