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This Classic Home is Perfect for a Family

Leigh Leigh
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Today we are going to explore Bialystok in Poland, where architects  Domy W Stylu created a very grand, classic and luxurious family home that is as comfortable as it is stylish. 

We will start from the outside and make our way through every single room, seeing how the attention to detail and design precision creates a very aesthetically pleasing design, without compromising on functionalities. 

Napoleon Hill one said, What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Let's see how stunning architecture has been achieved, just by conceptualizing a beautiful structure and cutting-edge interior design.

The grand exterior

We can see the home is set on a large piece of land, while it also spreads over two levels. Size is of no object for the designers!

The facade is brick, creating a very classic and traditional look and feel. The brick facade is interspersed with glass windows, which allows ventilation and natural light to flow into the home. The bricks also work in perfect contrast with the rolling lawns and abundance of trees and plants, creating a natural and earthy ambiance. 

This is a charming modern home with gorgeous traditional elements.

The backyard

The backyard is very expansive, creating the perfect spot for playing games with the children, hosting barbeques in the summer and holding parties under the stars.

Your garden plays a very big role when it comes to the look and feel of your exterior home. You want it to look manicured, neat, organized and beautiful at all times, enhancing the facade of your home. 

Be sure to invest in a landscaping professional or roll up your sleeves and get to work on your garden. Plant beautiful flowers, lush bushes and large trees.

Have a look at these eye-catching garden ideas you should consider.

Stylish interior

If we head inside the home, we can see just how warm and welcoming this classic home truly is.

The designers opted for dark wood flooring and white furniture in the living room, which makes this space look warm and inviting. Plants add a touch of natural decor to the home. This is offset by the large flat screen television, which adds that modern and technological aspect to the space.

We can also see that there is an open plan design throughout the home. There are glass windows that keep some of the rooms separate from each other, while still allowing them to flow into one another. We can also see the large open plan entrance hall from this angle.

The grand dining room

The dining room is a very grand and luxurious with rich wooden furniture that adds a very classic look and feel throughout. 

The lavish 12-seater dining room table allows for friends and family to come together over delicious meals, while the cushy cream chairs create a comfortable spot for seating. 

A cabinet in the corner of the room keeps items neatly stored away, while still allowing the family to keep items like china plates and picture frames on display. 

Tip: Add a mirror to you any room in your home to visually expand it, adding depth and size to a space.

Have a look at these 10 decadent dining rooms for inspiration for your own home!

The marble facade

From this angle we can see how the dining room and living room open up onto one another. This creates a wonderfully intimate home. 

A wonderful tip when it comes to adding that touch of luxury and lavishness to the home is to add a luxurious or lavish touch, like the designers have done here in the form of a marble facade. Marble is a wonderful, durable and sleek material that suits any room in the house.

The dining room and living room lighting enhances every detail in this space. It also adds ambiance and atmosphere throughout.

A games room

A classic home isn't complete without a stylish games room. Not only does this create a space where family members can enjoy some down time but it's also the perfect place where they can spend quality time together, especially when the weather isn't so great outside.

You can always be a bit more creative and innovative in a room like this. Do you see how the designers have added trendy lined wallpaper to the walls and lime green lampshades to the lights? A bit of colour and personality is a must for any home and this is the room where you can really put your personal items on display. Trophies, family photographs and favored decor items can also be put on display here. 

If you don't want a games room, have a look at these other tips for what to do with that spare room.

The indoor swimming pool

The indoor swimming pool is the final touch in this classical, functional and lavish family home. 

This particular swimming pool also features a wooden deck and seating area, where the family can relax before or after swimming. This is as comfortable as it is functional. Don't you love the touch of orange in the form of the cushions? 

Every detail of this home has been thought through, bringing beauty, functionality and style to this classic family home.

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