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6 extraordinary garages to protect your car

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For many of us, a car is like the extension of our body. Not only because it is a much more practical and convenient way to travel from home to work, but also because it represents leisure time. This is why, if you use a car for transportation whether its for work, travel or simply everything else, a garage is a must for your home.

Planning a functional space like this including the size and the requirements is not always that easy. That is why today at homify, we bring you this ideabook that is about cars and their spaces. Because in the end, the garage is the space where our car sleeps, protected from the weather. This makes it a very important aspect to consider!

Let's have a look at how some of the top professionals from around the world have managed to create the most stylish yet functional garages…

Pergola garage

Perhaps for many, this is the simplest and most decorative of ideas in the options that we have today. 

This garage was constructed almost completely from timber and then added to the side of the house like a pergola. This is a classic wooden garage that works in harmony with the green spaces around the home.

Have a look at this step-by-step guide to building a pergola to see how convenient and easy it can be to build it yourself.

Garage intimately connected to the interior

These designers have solved the issue of running through the rain to get to your car! In fact, in this design the garage forms an active part of the house, where the dining room and garage are intimately connected. This is one of the best ways to protect the car, while having easy access to it throughout the sliding doors.

Undoubtedly this is the best modern option for those who adore their car, but it is something that must be planned with an architect.

Partially covered in concrete

The best garages are those that serves the needs of those who use them and there are some elements that are a must.

For example, you want your garage to be resistant to grease stains that comes from the daily use of the car. It should also be a ventilated space that allows bad car smells to receive a breath of fresh air. We also want it to be close to our home and integrate with the design and style of our home. In short, a good garage depends on the right combination of building materials and design.

In this design, we can see how a semi-covered garage embraces simple lines while adopting concrete as the star material. This makes for a very durable garage area, while still connecting it to the rest of the house.

Options that make our lives easier: automatic doors.

Garage façade FG ARQUITECTES Modern garage/shed

Garage façade


In addition to the design, materials and ease of access, the garage can also incorporate certain technologies that make our lives that much easier, such as automatic gates. 

In this design, the garage is not directly connected to the house. It is featured in a more independent space. Stone, wood and concrete are the elements that dominate this modern design. However, the key to success of this structure is undoubtedly the automatic door of the garage.

Options that make our lives easier: the latest technology

This extraordinary garage has incorporated the latest technology possible!

Vertical parking is very common in big cities, helping us to resolve the issue of space in a very practical and ingenious way. So why not incorporate it into our house? At the end of the day, this problem can receive the same solution!

This system is perfectly suited to any small space and is very easy to handle. Everything works through a hydraulic system, which ensures that the car rises up mechanically, automatically or semi-automatically.

For the smaller vehicles

You can also build a garage designed specifically for motorbikes or bicycles. Don't you love this creative and inspiring design?

This extraordinary eclectic style garage is made from plywood walls, which add a wonderful form of detail to the space. 

It also has space to store and organize accessories and motorcycle items that are used daily.

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