6 Simple designs for a dramatic dining room

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The dining room is the heart of the home. From simple family meals, to celebrations, entertaining guests and holiday feasts, many important events will happen around the table. That's why we all want a dramatic and elegant design for our dining rooms, to create a sophisticated atmosphere for life's wonderful meals. Yet, we often don't know where to start when updating this important room. Does it need a new table, new paint, or something more substantial?  Don't worry, these simple update ideas can create completely new looks for your dining room without being harsh on your budget or requiring a ton of work. 

1. Phenomenal Furniture

It's clear that this dining room makes a huge impact, but pull back a second. Notice how the shelves are simple and white? There's no trim between the white ceiling, white walls, and light flooring. Even the dining room table has stuck to the basics, also in white. If so much of the room is simple, how does it make such a big statement? The dark, large light fixture is a key element. If you add lighting that new and dramatic make sure that you also position a mirror behind it, doubling its impact. Also, a simple collection of chairs in different colours will look dramatic in simple dining rooms. Especially if the chairs are of a different wood than the flooring. 

2. Add More of the Same

Let's say that you have a table that you really love, but it is the only piece in the room of that material. Simply turn that material into the room's theme. The designers here added light fixtures in light pine, along with chairs, flooring, and a little decorative bowl. The best thing about this strategy is that you can do it with any element that you love. Match everything to you bright flooring, or your dramatic chandelier, for some elegantly themed rooms. 

3. Rich Artwork

If you can only make one change in your dining room consider adding a huge piece of art. Try to choose something that fills up an empty wall with a colour that doesn't already appear in the space. Of course, make it unique and a reflection of your own personal style, and use it as a conversation piece! At homify we have tons of art for you to choose from, so you can find exactly what you're looking for here

4. Industrial Dining

industrial Dining room by Propia

Brilliant Bethnal Green


If you're lucky enough to have a brick wall, a radiator, or exposed wiring or piping in your dining room then you already have a touch of industrial design. This style has become very popular for the dining area, and it is easy to add recycled pieces that are industrial yourself. Visit a scrapyard or a thrift store and pick up anything that looks like it belongs in a factory or machine. Glass pieces are excellent for making unique lighting, and all sorts of metal bits can be plates and cups (just make sure they're smooth and safe to eat off!). 

The industrial style can be daunting for some, so consider consulting with an interior designer if you don't know where to start or want some professional help. 

5. Wine Holder

modern Dining room by homify

Dining Room


Rustic shelving for wines and elegant wine cellars are a fantastic addition to a dining space. They add function and an air of sophistication all in one. This example is particularly unique, as it holds the bottles from the stem and keep them within arm's reach when you're at the table. This addition could serve as a nice way to display your favourite bottles, and could be designed to hold other beverages if you wish. 

6. Startling Seating

Mix and matching furniture can be quite stylish and practical at the same time. If you have multiple styles in the dining space then different seating can be added for those with chronic injuries, or for small children, without compromising appearances. This bench is wildly different in shape and colour than the upright white chairs, but they all utilize the same fabric to pull the space together.  To avoid taking this strategy too far make sure that you chairs all share one of these elements, be it shape, colour, or texture.

If you want to replicate the modern feel that this dining room pulls off, you'll love the dining room in this modern home

Which tip would work best in your dining room? Tell us in the comments!
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