A West Coast Inspired Home Built in 5 Days

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Finding the perfect holiday home doesn't have to to take forever – in fact, in the case of this lovely holiday home built by Barcelona-based architects Ecospace Studios, it only took five days! Offering a simple open layout, stunning views, and natural materials, this holiday home offers a quiet getaway that provides plenty of thinking space.

Coastal Views

The location speaks volumes about the selection of a West Coast style for this holiday home. Beyond the steep, rocky hills, you can get a glimpse of the light blue ocean beyond – a scene quite similar to something you'd find driving down the northern California coast. Right away, you can observe how the grayish tint of the wood used to build the walls, roof, and patio offers a silvery reflection of its misty surroundings, blending in well with the laid-back, serene ambience.

Looking at the simple design of this home, it's no wonder that the architects were able to whip it together in five days. This design forgoes receded doors, awnings, multi-faceted roofs, gutters, and concrete, employing a basic four-walled, slanted-roof design. But there are fun details that turn a basic design into a stylish construction, such as the tilted railing that echoes the slant of the roof.


Not only does the silvery gray of the wood reflect the surrounding light, the large, glassy windows offer another surface for reflecting the outdoor scape. This reflective quality gives the whole construction a sense of invisibility or transparency that creates a light sense of mysticism under the cool and misty coastal skies.

Basic Shapes With Intrigue

Here, the view shows how the outer slats of wood partially cover the window, acting as a stylish permanent blind for that section of the window's surface. In front of the blinds, a thin railing glides across the edge of the patio. With a simple rectangle as their background, these various surface layers of the home provide depth and interest, taking a basic rectangle and converting it into a half-visible, half-hidden box with intriguing style. The vertical blind effect creates an image like that of an abstract, geometrical waterfall, with vertical streams of water trickling in front of the partially hidden window.

Glowing at Night

A view at night turns this grey shape into a luxurious home, glowing with golden and pink hues from within. Notice how the exterior wood once again reflects the surroundings, this time displaying the deeper blues found in the dusky sky. This design offers proof that even the simplest materials like the homogenous slats of wood covering the entire exterior of the home, have great potential to make a glamorous statement.

Strong Lines

With an emphasis on lines, this design draws strong vertical lines that intersect at a crisp 90 degree angle with the long, narrow lines in the patio. As the railing tilts over and apparently presses the the space towards a central peak, your gaze is forcibly pushed out to rest on the mountains beyond. The interesting intersection of these planes effectively provides a stage whose strong, dynamic lines push energy towards the surrounding open space, a lovely way to create spaciousness in a small home.

Hot and Cold

While the outside of the home offers cool tones of grey and blue, the interior emanates a sense of warmth with reddish and golden tones. This fun contrast of hot and cold makes for a well-balanced color scheme that arises naturally out of the materials and the way that light reflects off of them.

As evidenced in this home, wood is a versatile material offering endless potential for designs both simplistic and sophisticated. Check out this ideabook showing how the addition of wood transformed another home into a natural work of art!

Living Room with a View

What a living room! Where a revealing window like this may be intrusive for a city dwelling, this countryside getaway benefits from plenty of privacy, and the open side of this home takes full advantage of it! This intimate living room, even with it's wide open viewing, won't fall prey to nosy neighbors, and so the architects have positioned the home to enjoy the best views (of the coast) from the most comfortable room – the living room. Notice how, once again, the vertical slats in the side of the home serve as partial blinds for the room within. This means that the television won't suffer from annoying reflections of light on the screen, while the room still benefits from getting as much natural sunshine as possible.

A Living Room with Lift

A slanted roof is a centuries-old design that even a pioneer on the prairie could construct with relatively simple materials and basic knowledge of construction – it's no wonder that a home built in 5 days would include a simple slanted roof like this one. In this case, simple has become incredible stylish! Instead of attempting to squeeze in an upper floor, the architects have built a small loft (shown in the picture below) and left the living room wide open. The strong black lines framing the window concentrate attention on the farthest point in the room, forming both a sense of stability and a lovely, crisp frame for the picturesque sights beyond. 

With a well-placed sofa facing the highest part of the room, attention is drawn to the ample height of the larger half of the space, while a small desk and chair take advantage of the cozier, shorter side of the living room. This angled room, along with its slightly reclining sofa, seems to tilt back as if to say, you're on vacation – it's time to relax. A lovely, subtle statement for a holiday escape.

Lofted Bedroom

Here, a light-colored ladder ascends into a cozy bedroom loft which rests over a small, functional kitchen. While this open concept may not be functional as a permanent feature in a family home, it's perfect for a countryside getaway for a couple. The architects were careful to set the kitchen and lofted bed close to the high back wall – this placement allows light from the large living room window to stretch throughout the entire space. 

The light, peachy tone of the interior of the home is unobtrusive and warm, perfect for someone who's looking for a holiday that brings a feeling of inner peace and comfort to their time away.

A Quiet Office

Anyone who likes to get a little bit of work done over their holiday would appreciate this lovely window-side office. Placed at the lower point of the slanted room, the office benefits from the coziness and focus that this lower-ceilinged space provides, while still offering a refreshing view through the window when you decide to come up for air.

What do you think about this West Coast inspired holiday home? Share your insight below!

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