This Renovation Makes The Most of A Small Space

Leigh Leigh
IDÉEAA _ 이데아키텍츠 Modern living room MDF Beige
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When it comes to small homes, they can be very depressing. Especially if they haven't been cared for in some time or if the space hasn't been utilized, they can be dark, dingy and unattractive. 

Today, we are going to visit Seoul where design professionals IDEEAA took a small, dark and dingy home and transformed it into a spacious, light and aesthetically appealing space. 

Homify hopes this will help you with a few tricks and tips to maximize the space in your own home!

Before: Unappealing

If we look into the living room of the previous home, we can see how old-fashioned and uninspiring it is. 

The blank white walls, old-fashioned wooden floors and very bland glass sliding doors look boring and dull.

The living room lighting is the worst feature in this space, however. Lighting is meant to bring ambiance and atmosphere to the living space. In this room, the lighting is too bright and neon, creating a glare throughout the room. 

This would be a very uncomfortable place to sit!

Before: Under-utilized

If we head into the kitchen, we can see how the space has been completely under-utilized. The kitchen cabinets and shelves have been squashed into a corner, making for a very unappealing and cramped area, despite the open nature of the home's design.

Don't you think the pale colours make this area look very washed out and boring?

We are also aware that there is a false ceiling throughout the living space, which means that there is no need for such a small area. Let's see what the designers do with it!

After: Incredible

In this image, we can see how the home has been completely transformed thanks to the design and decor but also because of the ceiling extension. The high ceilings now lift up this place.

The designers chose a minimalist design, with chic white walls and modern, light wooden flooring. These clean colours and tones make for a very spacious and light looking home no matter how small it is. 

The kitchen looks far more sleek with its silver appliances and white finishes, while the space above it visually expands it. Vertical space is always great to utilize when your square feet are limited!

After: Homely and Modern

The living room is far more modern and homely, compared to the previous design. The slanted ceiling creates more depth to the space, but the most striking difference is the lighting!

The designers have ensured that natural light plays a big role in the living space, replacing the sliding doors so that they allow tons of light to stream into this space. The ceiling is also equipped with soft yet effective lights that gently illuminate the entire space. This is much better than that bright, neon light we saw on the ceiling previously.

The designers also included some gorgeous plants in the living space, which adds a subtle and natural form of decor to the room – a great tip for any home.

The light wooden furniture throughout this space adds a homely, warm and earthy look and feel.

After: The loft space

If we have a closer look at how the designers have made the most of the vertical space available to them, we can see that they've designed a little loft under the ceiling. If you have the space available to you, this is a wonderful design tip!

A room like this doesn't have to be more than 1.5 meters in height, yet it can be incredibly functional. In this design, we can see how a little wooden ladder leads up to the loft space, taking up very little room and adding a funky and stylish twist to the decor. 

It's small alternations like this that can ultimately transform your home! Have a look at these other small changes that will transform your home.

After: Use

From this angle, we can see that the loft can be used for so many different functions. You can use it for a bedroom or a study or even as a meditation area. Even the cat loves it!

Another great use for an area like this would be for a small home library.

Don't you love how open it is and how it is connected to the rest of the home?

If you don't have the space for a loft, but you have an attic, you might be interested in these top tips for your attic space.

After: Lighting

Lastly, we just want to focus on the lighting in this new and improved apartment. 

The designers have used strategic lighting throughout the home, transforming the home by illuminating certain details and design elements. In this image, we can see how the lighting enhances the railing around the loft as well as how lighting below the ceiling illuminates the added height.

Lighting is incredibly important for any home as not only does it set the mood and change the ambiance of a space, but it can really add height and depth. 

Have a look at this ideabook: interior lighting: guidelines for great design.

What do you think of this renovation?

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