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Match Your Bedroom to Your Star Sign

Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada
Scandinavian style bedroom by cristina velani Scandinavian
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Live in harmony with the heavens by selecting bedroom decor that speaks to your zodiac sign! The general themes explored below will act as a guide to provide you with inspiration for colour schemes, materials, and layouts that correspond well to your sign. Of course, there are many elaborations on these themes, and you can incorporate separate elements as you wish, upgrading your space without performing a total room makeover (and those of you who share a bedroom with a distinct zodiac sign will enjoy the opportunity to use a creative combination of both themes!). 

Aries: Impulse and Passion

People born under the Aries sign are said to live life with passion, fieriness and impulsive behavior. That said, the perfect Zodiac bedroom for a fiery Aries will feature splashes of rich, vibrant colour and raw materials that speak to an edgy, impulsive nature

In this space, you can see the impulsiveness of Aries reflected in the energetic abstract painting, as well as the placement of an unusual beside shelf that seems to climb spontaneously towards the corner of the room. The rough, exposed texture of the side wall, visible to the left, creates an edgy mood, while the soft pink hue of the back wall brings about a notion of romance. Altogether, this is a more subtle portrayal of Aries passionate, fiery nature, still holding the intensity but being displayed in a a clever arrangement that still creates a bedroom space of quiet relaxation.

Virgo: Quiet Thought

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Mediterranean style bedroom by Bloomint design Mediterranean
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, you appreciate a space that comes as close to perfect as possible – neat lines, a well balanced arrangement of furnishings, pure, clean colours, and everything in its place. Virgos tend to enjoy having plenty of time to think, and with a tidy, airy bedroom like the one pictured here, a Virgo can enjoy plenty of mental space. As a analytical thinker, you constantly strive for perfection: covering your bedroom in whites and natural tans can help  to create that sense of clarity that you're always looking to bring into your life. The bedroom pictured here offers additional perks for a thoughtful Virgo, as it includes a small nook with a quiet sofa – a relaxing haven to help put your ever-thinking mind at ease.

As a lover of all things pure, Virgo, you might want to take a look at this ideabook: a stunning collection of homes featuring all-white home decor!

Taurus: Element of the Earth

As a Taurus, you are thought to be more sensual and sensitive than the rest, while still maintaining a strong connection to the Earth element. These are both aspects that are easy to incorporate into bedroom decor, as you can add luxurious fabrics (faux fur, Egyptian cottons, flowing gauzy curtains, and smooth satins) to appeal to your sensitive tastes. For another sensual touch, this bed could do with an light, sleek fabric to serve as a luxurious canopy draping over the four poster bed. Incorporate the Earth element by adding warm tones in natural materials – the yellow hue of the walls, the orange pillows, the wooden bed, and the fire-burning hearth are all well-positioned to speak to a Taurus' more grounded, earthy nature (and the strong, sturdy lines of the four poster bed allude to the strong-willed attitude often attributed to the bull, for an added Taurus touch).

Gemini: Light and Social

As a Gemini, you may be known for your lightheartedness and the ease with which you interact with people in social settings. With these sociable and talkative aspects as key part of your start sign traits, you can go wild with your Zodiac bedroom design, creating something dynamic that reflects your lighthearted nature. Funky lighting options on this room give a spontaneous, bouncy touch to the upper half of the room, while several chairs (for the friends you're sure to invite into your room) are placed along the far wall. Like in this room, you don't have to keep a consistent, structured theme – your artsy mindset will benefit from a variety of odd and eclectic items, such as the assortment of vases by the window, the variety of shapes in the lamps, and the many hues of blue, black, and brown that you see pictured here. As a final touch, framed pictures of friends (as you can see on the shelves along the right side of the room) are a good reflection of your sociable  Gemini nature.

Searching for a creative way to display all of your photos? Here's an ideabook with plenty of ideas for using niches in order to create display space.

Capricorn: Ambition

Proyectos de interiorismo varios Modern style bedroom by estudio 60/75 Modern
estudio 60/75

Proyectos de interiorismo varios

estudio 60/75

Capricorns are known for their great sense of ambition, often exuding a sense of control and decision that dwarfs any of the other star signs. As a person who likes to have things under your thumb, a pared-back, mature bedroom may put your mind at ease. Here, the bedroom features a classic arrangement: a central bed with symmetrical bedside tables, lamps, and windows on each side. A traditional ottoman is placed at the foot of the bed – this layout is time-tested, and gives your room an established, ordered feel. Capricorns can be selective about the items that they bring into their lives, searching for objects of very high quality – a one-of-a-kind antique vanity or luxurious handwoven rug would be a good choice for your high-quality tastes. The only thing that would make this room more suitable for an ambitious Capricorn would be addition of some more elegant touches – a statement piece like a chandelier or gold-framed painting would do well to suit this Capricorn bedroom.

Leo: Generous and Regal

Not only kings of the jungle, the lions of the zodiac are the royalty of all the star signs. As such, a bedroom fit for a Leo should be nothing short of opulent. A Leo will appreciate a suitably regal and generously adorned room to relax in – this room here features burgundy velvet curtains to match the ornate ottoman, as well as large crystals dangling from a central chandelier. These elements add a royal touch, while a more humble bed and subdued colour scheme reflect the kind, magnanimous attitude that Leos tend to give off. When it comes to your room, Leo, feel free to indulge in opulent and elegant furnishings – but remember to always be loyal to the kindhearted, approachable person that you are.

For more regal window dressing options, have a look at this ideabook: Window Dressing that Wows!

Libra: Balance and Hard Work

Represented by the image of a balanced scale, a key part of every Libra personality is a sense of balance. Your ideal bedroom should feature an even display of light and dark areas, and bright and subdued tones. Here, the room features a punch of blue color, with plenty of white space to even things out, as well as high-placed windows that neither flood the room with light nor restrict the flow of light. 

A Libra bedroom should also include a spacious spot for work – Libras like to work hard, and they understand that hard work lets them exercise their taste for expensive things. This lofty and spacious bedroom reflects this ambitious attitude, as does triangular shape of the top of the room – a consistent reminder of the upwards direction that Libra strives for through all their hard work. The triangle also offers a sense of balance, as the bed is oriented to face the peak of the triangle, reminiscent of  the central fulcrum of a perfectly balanced scale.

If you're looking to add a little office for work, Libra, here's an ideabook that provides tips on adding seating to bedrooms.

Scorpio: Intensity and Drama

Hells Kitchen Penthouse Bedroom by Bhavin Taylor Design
Bhavin Taylor Design

Hells Kitchen Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

Scorpios are the most mysterious of the signs, often bringing with them plenty of drama and moments of high-intensity. To reflect your intense nature, Scorpio, you'll benefit from a room as dramatic as you are: stark contrasts, unexpected pops of colour, luxe materials, and strong, bold lines. In this room, a bold patterned wall sets a dynamic stage, with a bright yellow ottoman jumping out as an unexpected addition. Bold square frames are placed above the bed, which is topped with a silvery faux fur throw – talk about intense! This room also displays a light sense of mystery in the darker tones of the decor and in the wallpaper that alludes to an optical illusion. With a mirror providing depth, this room creates a feast for the eyes that allows a Scorpio to envelop themselves in mystery and drama.

Sagittarius: A Sense of Adventure

Often considered to be one of the most sincere and adventurous star signs, Sagittarius embraces the eclectic and makes it work – a bedroom for Sagittarius shouldn't be weighed down with opulent luxury, loads of vases and trinkets, or ruffles and frills. The archer would rather have a space that's convenient and simple, offering a low-maintenance haven for rest between their many adventures and excursions (and Sag will appreciate a sturdy, low maintenance room for another reason: they have a reputation for being rather reckless with their things).

This bedroom shows how Sagittarius doesn't need much – after all, they'd much rather spend time outside and away from their boring bedrooms! A simple grey bed, a lively burst of teal, and a convenient mirror is all that's needed here. As long as there's a place for storing a backpack, you're all good. The only thing that this Sagittarius-ready room could use is a bit more blank space for hanging up the travel mementos that Sag might pick up along the way.

Cancer: Keep Them Guessing

Cancer signs have sort of a dual personality: while you Cancers love to be unpredictable, you also seek out a sense of security. A carefully decorated room can bring out both of these aspects. You can represent your sense of adventure with ethnic prints, exotic patterns and unique objects (like the lamps pictured here), and bold colours (like the bold yellow pillows on this bed). You can likewise create a sense of security with warmer, darker tones and soft textures – Cancer is a sign that might really enjoy a bean bag, hammock, or ultra-soft mattress to create a snuggly sense of security in their room. A sense of unpredictability is typical for Cancer; with that said, you may like to exhibit your inconsistency streak with a large mirror that offers a blank canvas for reflecting whoever you might decide to be on a given day. 

Aquarius: Original and Eclectic

Aquarius likes to be original and eclectic – as an Aquarius, you may read this paragraph and decide to come up with something totally distinct, and that's the beauty of being you. This example offers a highly creative, unique bedroom layout that's artsy and unexpected, with a raised floor bed in what looks like a large standing shower. Aquarius loves to impress with their sense of creativity – an interesting bookshelf is formed by creatively-placed bricks on the left, while dots of random colors cover the far wall for an artistic look. Whatever you do, Aquarius, just follow your own lead and allow yourself to be as creative as you like, mixing building materials, fabrics, and shapes to create a wacky room that's all your own.

Pisces: An Escape from Reality

Master bed by WN Interiors Industrial style bedroom by homify Industrial

Master bed by WN Interiors


You're a dreamer, Pisces, and your bedroom can easily reflect that! A Pisces will welcome an escape from reality in a bedroom like this, offering a sumptuous bed for drifting off to sleep in a light-coloured, peaceful room. As a fish, water is a big part of your element, and furnishings that create a watery or fluid sense will suit Pisces well – in this room, a large watercolor spans the back wall. Another suitable choice would be a wall-size photo of an underwater scene, perfect for Pisces who enjoy immerse themselves in their own world.

You have an artistic streak, so creating a room that resembles an art gallery (white walls, well lit) will give you plenty of space to display your works. Keep colors natural – as a Pisces, you enjoy a close relationship with the natural environment.

All in all, whether you're a fish or a scorpion, you'll be dreaming of the heavens (and in alignment with them, too) with these Zodiac-inspired themes! If you're looking for more ancient wisdom to guide you in decorating your home, have a look at this ideabook that shows you how to incoporate Feng Shui into your decor.

What do you think about these bedroom decorating ideas? Share your insight below!
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