This Small Apartment Get A Bright Overhaul

Leigh Leigh
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Sometimes we come across small, dark and stale apartments and it seems hopeless. Yet, professionals have the power to transform these hopeless projects into something quite phenomenal. 

Today, we will explore a 320 square foot apartment and witness how it underwent a major overhaul, meeting the demands of the new owner along with modern living. 

We will show you how these expert interior designers from B&G Design Company have made magic!

Before: Kitchen

The first before photo was taken from the living room and shows the semi-open kitchen, which has its best days long behind it. 

The laminate flooring is also not quite at the height of its career, the walls could use a coat of paint and the lighting design for the relatively dark apartment is also sub-optimal. 

Let's see how the experts breathed new life into the home!

After: Kitchen

The kitchen presents itself as a far more modern, fresh and appealing design, corresponding with the gleaming white handle-less cupboards and drawers – today's notion of the perfect kitchen.

Moreover, it is now equipped with the latest equipment and provides plenty of storage space.

On the redwall, there are white shelves that provide a wonderful effect. 

The dining room table should find a wonderfully illuminated home under the modern pendant lamp.

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Before: Living room

The view in the other direction was taken at the beginning of the renovation work. 

Despite the large windows, we can see a very gloomy and sad living room. The wallpaper needs to be renewed urgently as well as the windows, which are outdated. There are also no energy-saving contributions to this home.

After: Living room

Now the living room shines in pure white, thanks to the daylight that streams through the new window. The white reflects the white back on itself, creating an even more light and spacious room.

The lighting is integrated in the ceiling, while the bright wooden floor gives the room more visual depth.

Just like the kitchen and the dining area, this section of the apartment looks much more fresh, modern and friendly after the renovation.

Before: Bathroom

At just over 300 square feet, there is very little room for a bathroom. However, before the renovation, this was little more than a dark and wet room although it included all the features. It was definitely not a space that visitors would linger in!

After: Bathroom

Our experts believed in one thing: the small bathroom must be an oasis of health and vitality.

All of the tiles and sanitary facilities had to be replaced by much more modern alternatives. The lighting has also been incorporated into the ceiling, providing a much more pleasant atmosphere. The large mirror cabinet offers storage space that is desperately needed in this narrow bathroom. 

The interaction of the different tiles and surfaces gives the room character and personality.

Before: Closed balcony

The apartment has a small, closed in balcony that was formerly used as a storage room for drying clothes. The potential has been completely overlooked!

Moreover, despite the window, the small space is cluttered and crowded, making the apartment look very dark and gloomy. Something needed to be done!

After: Open balcony

What a transformation!

Our experts replaced the wall with a huge glass window that can be completely slid open. The result is an open balcony where the residents can get fresh air and relax. At the same time, it allows the living room to be permanently supplied by sunlight.

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What do you think of this before and after?

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