A Miraculous Makeover For A Small Apartment

Leigh Leigh
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South Korean architect professionals are experts when it comes to utilizing small spaces and creating exceptionally innovative designs. 

Today, we take you to a small apartment that was quite frankly a chaotic mess before the designers intervened. With clothes everywhere, a lack of style and too many colours, there was nothing homely or attractive about the space.

Yet, the designers  utilized every square inch to bring us the home that we will see today. We will also learn some incredibly valuable tips and tricks when it comes to making the most of space, no matter how small our homes are.

Are you ready for a tour that will make you believe in miracles?

Before: The okay living room

There was nothing drastically wrong with the living room in the previous design, but it certainly lacked personality and style. The wooden floors and white walls are very washed out next to the beige sofa. The pastel tones in the form of the cushions on the sofa also do nothing to enhance this room.

There is also a lack of light in this living area, despite the large frosted glass windows on the right-hand side of the room. This makes the room look dark and unappealing.

Before: No strategy

If we head into the bedroom, we can see there is absolutely no interior design or style going on in this home. The bedroom features blankets and linen of every color in the rainbow, which is not a good thing!

This uncoordinated splash of colours also does nothing to enhance the bland walls and the lack of light that should be flowing in this room. Where is the ambiance and the romance?

Before: Chaos reigns

In this image, it's clear to see that the previous residents haven't heard of minimalist chic. There are personal items as well as cutlery, crockery and glassware littering the kitchen counter tops. If you wanted to cook in this area, you wouldn't even know where to start. 

The colours are also very bland and uninspiring. The red rug looks like it was just added to the kitchen as an afterthought. 

After: Exceptional transformation

The home has been completely opened up and modernized, thanks to these expert professional designers.

The colours have remained neutral, but the space is now incredibly chic and stylish.

The white industrial screed flooring works in harmony with the light wooden furniture and grey tiled walls, which creates a very impressive overall effect.

Lighting is also key to this space. The trendy lamps that hang from the ceiling as well as the soft dimming lights enhance the neutral colors in the home, making it seem that much more spacious and warm.

We can also begin to see how the designers have maximized space. The living room doubles up as a dining room! There is also a long, narrow shelf that has been placed above the sofa, which is used for books and other items that need to be stored neatly away, but can be on display. This is a great use of vertical space.

The gorgeous kitchen

The kitchen has been completely cleared up – there is no sign of the red rug anywhere!

You'll notice that shelving has been incorporated above the counters, ensuring that there is plenty of storage space in the small area. This keeps all cutlery, crockery and glassware neatly stored away, while still allowing the residents to keep the items that they want see on display – but in an organized way!

This frees up the counter tops, keeping them looking neat and minimalist. Now we can imagine cooking in this space!

Touches of color

If we look at the home from this angle, we can see how the designers have added splashes of colour throughout the neutral home, to enhance the look and feel of the environment. A bright blue door adds some energy to the home while a pink door frame brings in a softer glow.

This is a great way to bring in some personality and charm, without having to invest in expensive artwork.

We can also see how a bookshelf has been utilized to store shoes. Again, this is a great use of vertical space.

The innovative television room

There is no need to waste space in the living room with a television or a television cabinet.

The designers have instead installed a projector, so that the wall itself can become a screen. Not only does this mean plenty more space in the living room but it also makes for a cinema-like experience every time the residents watch a movie or their favorite series. 

In this image, we can also see that the designers have gone for lightweight furniture throughout the living room. The little stools and wooden table, which allow the sofa area to double up as a dining room, ensure that the most minimum space necessary is taken up.

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The walk-in closet

This is just the cherry on top!

The designers had a spare room to work with, so they created a full-on walk-in closet for the residents. This allows the clothes to be neatly packed away in one room, allowing the rest of the rooms to remain devoid of closets and cupboards. 

This is a wonderful idea if you have a spare room as it means you don't have to take up any more space in the bedrooms than is necessary.

Ensure that you invest in some good lighting and mirrors for a room like this!

The kid's bedroom

The kid's bedroom is one of our favourite rooms in the house!

It features a wonderful theme, where the bed and library are incorporated it into what looks like a mini-house.

The designers brought in bright, pastel shades throughout this design, which is very appealing for the little ones.

Again, they've made the most of vertical space, by placing the bed on the top. This allows the space underneath the bed to be used for a little library and play area. 

This an example of innovation at its best!

The main bedroom

We end off our tour looking at the main bedroom. It is so different to the bedroom that we saw in the first image!

The designers stuck to a proper colour theme, choosing a chocolate brown to contrast beautifully with the white walls. They've added a dash of blue in the form of a side table. 

The lamps along with the dimming lights provide the ambiance that we were looking for, while the artwork brings a touch of personality to this space. This is a much better design!

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What do you find most innovative about this home?

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