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Before and After: A Dark Apartment Begins to Dazzle

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Interior designers from Salad Bowl have taken this ruddy, dark home and transformed it into a dazzling, vibrant space. No major reno here – just a few key changes in colour scheme and materials that have made a huge impact on the feel of the space. 

Before: Depressing

It's not like the walls are crumbling away, here – the space is still usable, but it certainly is depressing. The muddy blue shade on the wall dampens the atmosphere instead of providing a calming effect, and this is because there's simply not enough light entering the room, causing the blue shade to drown in the darkness.

Before: Potential

From this view, you can see that this room benefits from good infrastructure: the wooden floor looks brand new, offering bright, earthy tones (perhaps a bit too earthy for this dark space, though). Likewise, this large window and transparent door offer a great opening for plenty of light to enter. Now, if only that light weren't being absorbed by the muddy blue of the walls and light grey of the ceiling paint…

Before: Welcome Home?

This entrance might say home, but it definitely does not say welcome. The locks on the door are just about the only thing that's attention-grabbing in this scene, and not in a good way. This small hallway needs storage for the umbrellas, as well as some brighter colours that will lift this space from its current, unwelcoming state.

Before: The Kitchen/Dungeon

Is this really a place where you feel enticed to cook? Once again, a lovely stream of light enters through a well-placed window, only to be absorbed by all of the muddy, dark colors in the walls, cabinets, and countertops. The layout is pretty good – after all, this a tiny kitchen – but this space needs a brighter colour scheme, along with more smooth, even surfaces and that will reflect the light, not obscure it.

After: Welcome Home!

This new entrance finally says welcome home! – and it didn't take much. A warm, rounded rug now greets your feet, and a convenient wall of storage offers an organized space for all those purses and umbrellas. The ruddy tans and grayish blues of before have been replaced with creamy whites and yellow-hued lights that provide a warm ambience for the entryway.

After: The Tiny Kitchen is No Longer So Tiny

The cabinetry that once attempted to separate the kitchen from the dining room has been removed, and it no longer matters that this kitchen is tiny – there's plenty of open space beyond in the dining area. Smooth, white cabinets reflect the light (even without the window, which has been covered with an interior wall). The kitchen offers a similar layout as before, but instead of sucking you into the darkness, this kitchen lets you breeze through its open layout with ease. The space has also been given an extra dose of style with an eclectic mix of mismatched chairs!

A Closer Look

It's possible to have a bright space without a window, and this dazzlingly white kitchen is proof. Gone are the junky, uncoordinated corners and edges of the previous kitchen: this one features a seamless wall of white cabinetry well-suited for someone who loves clean, modern design.

After: The Living Room

The wooden plank floor of before was gorgeous, but this new, lighter hued floor is more suited for reflecting the light from the wide window! The view is now the central focal point of the room, crisply framed by two solid black curtains that draw strong vertical lines from floor to ceiling. The living room plays with a subtle geometric theme, with a round mirror reflecting light by the window and a circular coffee table that contrast against the rectangular elements of the room. The white color scheme is simple, and does a lot to freshen up the space!

After: Accent Blues

Before, a bluish hue covered the walls. Now, the blue has been removed from the walls – allowing their fresh coat of white to reflect sunlight – and it's popping up in the furniture! This blue couch exudes a sense of inner peace with its watery blue hue and low, relaxed profile. The now-white walls offer a blank canvas for art, and the array of white and black framed pictures really pop against the stark, simple background.

After: Reflective Touches

Throughout the new design, you'll catch glimpses of reflective surfaces (like this hanging hallway mirror) that help to scatter light into all of the corners of this one-dark home.

After: Bright Bedroom

The white and black theme is present in this newly decorated bedroom, too, as a solid black frame lines the wide window. The space is still very low-maintenance – nothing too elaborate – but it maintains a much fresher, breezier feel than before. 

After: A Bathroom to Match

So, you didn't get a glimpse of the before bathroom, but you can be sure that if it was anything like the kitchen, it wasn't exactly a refreshing space. This small bathroom is radiant in pure white – as it doesn't have a window to the outside, the designers have made the most of the artificial light with reflective surfaces and clean white tone. The transparent shower wall lets you see all the way to the back corner of the bathroom, and in such a small room, this extra visual space is critical. 

You've watched this home's transformation from dull to dazzling – if you're inspired by the creative process of home renovation, you'll enjoy this ideabook with a collection of the top five renovation projects of the week!

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