This Family Home is Filled with Energetic Colours

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Studio Ferlenda Modern kitchen
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Colours take center stage in this highly artistic Italian family home designed by architects at Studio Ferlanda. A stark black and white canvas throughout the space provides a simple backdrop for radiant bursts of colour in the rooms, creating a theme that draws attention to the particular energy of a colour rather than a particular era or style. The home features minimalist and contemporary elements as well, asfeatures like a floating, rail-free staircase and large pieces of flowing, three-dimensional art. The space also showcase many shiny metallic furnishings that draw the viewer's attention. Overall, this a dynamic space that displays the family's playful sense of artistry and creativity, acting as a framing structure for many interesting works of art tucked in niches and shelves throughout the home.

Kitchen: Bursts of Red

This ultra-modern kitchen (complete with slick metallic ceiling vent) offers a sampling of red decor – a vibrant and fiery choice for a kitchen! These colours bring with them connotations of ripe summer fruit and the flames of a fire – nice accents for a culinary space. Strong rectangular angles make this kitchen into a very crisp, edgy space, and an open layout beyond allows the chef to enjoy the interesting furnishings shown in the background (more on those statement stairs below!).

Black and White Stairs

Who says your stairs have to be all one color? In a white and black home, the stairs here are appropriately both white and black. This close-up view gives you a first glimpse at the metallic furnishings that are placed throughout the home – instead of fading gently into the walls and shelves, these ornamental pieces vie for attention, offering an interesting (and shiny!) object wherever you turn.

Playing with Space

This living room mantle is an excellent example of how this home's design loves to play with space – throughout the house, you'll come across many interesting shelves and ledges (like this white one) that exhibit unexpected niches and cutouts for showcasing artistic decor. Notice how many of the objects have a sleek and shiny look to them, whether they're made of coloured glass, shiny porcelain, or metallic materials. This polished nature is mirrored in the highly reflective, dark gray floor, which – despite being such a dark colour – offers enough sheen to reflect natural light throughout the space.

Artistic Accents

This unique shelf structure (seen in the photo above as part of the living room) extends to an impressive height, reaching the very top of the home with its white rectangular beams. Somewhat reminiscent of an ancient roman temple, this modernized column allows you to fully appreciate the spaciousness of the home. Linear, asymmetrical lights hang delicately within, turning the sturdy white block into an interesting window for displaying artwork.

A View from Above

A view from the top of the stairs shows how this column-like structure looks from above, its array of thin and thick vertical vertical elements drawing strong lines of vertical energy. Here on the stairs, you can also catch a glimpse of yet another interesting cut-out wall that displays a collection of artistic vases, in keeping with the polished metallic theme.

The Blue Study

Blue is often described as a colour of relaxation and calm, but the shade of blue that characterizes this study is anything but calming. With bright sunlight bursting through the window at the end of the room, the blue colours of the room are positively infused with energy and focus – as does the placement of the table at a point in the room where all of the lines seem to converge. With this layout, a person who strives to feel in the zone while at work can take full advantage of the room's lines, which places the person at the focal point of the room – in other words, it's a perfect environment for creating an energized feeling while at work. Like in the other rooms, the table in this study exhibits polished silvery legs, in keeping with the metallic theme.

If you're drawn in by the lively character of this study, check out this ideabook with easy tips to liven up your home!

The Green Bathroom

Green is the colour of foliage, fresh grass, and forests – this bathroom has a unique, nature-inspired look abounding with green details. Perhaps the most attention-grabbing of these details is the green toilet and bidet – it's not every day that you come across these items in such a vibrant colour! This playful bathroom displays a playful sense of humor atypical of most bathrooms. 

One interesting design element is how the toilet and bidet have been placed in the area of the room with the lowest ceiling. This is a clever design that allows the room to take full advantage of all of it's space – while a standing shower or sink might not be a practical choice for the shorter side of the room, the toilet and bidet offer a sitting down experience, and as such, they fit well in the shorter area.

Colourful Children's Room

Aside from the interesting lines of this room's ceiling, the room also benefits from the interesting and colourful furniture placed throughout. Round, marshmallowy pillows provides soft edges for a rectangular themed room, while the green shelf and pink support provide fun, childish energy. As the centerpiece of the room, the pink support is a great example of how these architects had bred function with artistry – the support has been turned from a functional piece into a convenient and creative bedside shelf.

The Red Bathroom

Not everyone is partial to such a dramatic look in their bathroom, but it certainly does make an energetic statement! This polished-looking space has red everything, from lights to backsplash to cabinets to outlet cover. While red has the potential to create a sense of aggression, it also has connotations of romance and love – what do you see in this bathroom? With the sharp, square edges of the cabinetry balanced by the softer shapes of the mirror and sink, this sleek, red-themed bathroom is perhaps most reminiscent of an Italian sports car. Once again, this home's design makes a bold statement with color.

A More Relaxed Red

The bedroom offers a continuation of the red theme, but here is displayed in a more relaxed manner, with a simple pop of red pillows accompanying a heart-like image on the center of the bed linens. This bedroom abides by the polished look, with shiny grey doors on either side of the bed. The lighting is kept low in this room, and with the romantic red touches, this bedroom fosters a sense of calm romance. 

If you've enjoyed the tour of this colourful home, you might enjoy a look at this ideabook, offering a collection of stunning color combination ideas.

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