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RIGHT DOWNTOWN, Markham Stagers Markham Stagers Modern living room White
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The famous Spanish city of Barcelona is culturally rich and dotted with stunning architectures. This affluent city is also a major global hub for education, entertainment, fashion and tourist attractions.  And it is here that we chanced upon a subtly lavish and expansive abode called Right Downtown for our home tour today. Seeking the complete renovation of his house to boost its market value, the owner employed the talented home stagers at Markham Stagers to remodel it into a contemporary dream. With the key requirement being the maximization of light and space, the home stagers chose to go with an open plan design to create a modern fantasy peppered with elegant hues and modish accents. Read on to find out more.

Open-plan design

Open plan space Markham Stagers Modern living room Bricks White
Markham Stagers

Open plan space

Markham Stagers

Here we get a comprehensive look at the living area, dining area, and kitchen. The open design fulfils the brief of maximizing space. The use of white as the predominant colour, together with the large windows, ensures an abundance of light and brightness. The natural look of the brick wall at the far end combines with the wooden ceiling beams to add a dash of colour and rustic style.

Minimalist sophistication in the living area

From the other side, we get a good view of the living area, glowing brilliantly under contemporary recessed lighting. The sleek lines of the tripod lamp are replicated in the modern art placed above the comfortable sofa. The painting of the brown vortex harmonizes with the brick wall and beams that we saw previously.  The rustic touch is further highlighted by the wooden shelf on which a number of items are arranged decoratively and, just beyond, a sleek work desk fits seamlessly in the décor. The glass-topped coffee table adds the right note of elegance in the minimalist surroundings. The yellow cushion provides the perfect splash of vibrancy while the colour palette of white, brown, and grey gives the area a bright yet warm ambiance.

Designer dining area

Open plan kitchen and dining area Markham Stagers Modern dining room White
Markham Stagers

Open plan kitchen and dining area

Markham Stagers

Now we get a close look at the dining area – and we simply love it! The glass-topped dining table rests on artistically arranged wooden supports and has sleek white chairs all around –very stylish! Combined with the unique contemporary light fixture overhead, the dining area is a striking blend of rustic and futuristic!

Bright and comfortable ambiance

Open plan concept Markham Stagers Modern living room White
Markham Stagers

Open plan concept

Markham Stagers

Looking across the living area from yet another angle, we see the large windows that permit oodles of natural light. The yellow of the cushion is balanced by another piece of partly-yellow modern art and the small yellow flowerpot below it.

White and stylish kitchen

The dining area blends seamlessly with the kitchen area, courtesy the dual use of the preparation counter as an informal breakfast nook. The white colour palette and sleek furniture and fittings make for a contemporary look in this functional kitchen. We love the plant in the corner and the centrepiece on the counter – bits of colour that liven up the area.

Another look across the living area

This angle lends us a good view of the large windows next to the dining area, which maximize the amount of light entering this lovely home. Note the modern touch in the use of straight lines in the furniture as well as the thin rods for the chair legs and the contemporary lamp stand. The statuette of the horse adds another hint of rusticity to the predominantly modern residence.

The cheery lounge

Convertible bedroom Markham Stagers Modern style bedroom White
Markham Stagers

Convertible bedroom

Markham Stagers

The wooden beams appear again to warm up this bright little room located beyond the living area. The beams work well with the artistic lamp stand too. A single sunny yellow cushion amidst the grey, black and white colour scheme is a pleasant dot of colour that stands out in the flood of light made available, thanks to the large windows.  A television on the wall will complete the look of this cozy lounge.

The cozy bedroom

The same colour theme and minimalistic design continues into the bedroom, with the cushions again providing a splash of liveliness here. The trendy lamps on the wall and the elegant bedside tables give the otherwise simple room a stylish touch.

Bathing in splendour

Ensuite bathroom Markham Stagers Modern bathroom Grey
Markham Stagers

Ensuite bathroom

Markham Stagers

A big thumbs-up to this bathroom! The white theme is warmed considerably by solid touches of brown, grey and black, which look oh-so-stylish! The large mirror and the design of the furniture and sanitary ware are modern, sleek and elegant, and we love the little accessories around the tub and sink!

Pristine effect

A look at the other side of the bathroom shows the focus on white that balances the dark colours we just saw. The glass partition of the shower cubicle contributes to the illusion of space and maximizes the distribution of light.

The simple shower cubicle

Bathroom shower Markham Stagers Modern bathroom Beige
Markham Stagers

Bathroom shower

Markham Stagers

The shower cubicle is a model of minimalism. The walls are a light, warm hue and go well with the rustic stool. The glass door, recessed light and trendy showerhead combine cohesively for a stylish modern look.

The home stagers have definitely lived up to the brief – the open-plan design ensures that no space is wasted and the use of large windows and light colours is perfect for maximum light and brightness. The sleek lines and play of colours within the overall white scheme together with the rustic touches ensure a stylish look in the minimalistic décor. Take another tour for more inspiration here - This Eco-Friendly Home is One with Nature.

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