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5 Remarkably Renovated Kitchens

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The kitchen is one of the most important areas in a family home. Whether it is a warm, cozy place for a tasty family meal or a bright, functional space for some inspired classy cooking, one thing that the kitchen should never be is a cluttered, boring or dingy room in which no one will ever want to spend time, let alone feel like cooking! So, homify has five stunning examples of drab kitchenettes that were converted into a chef’s dream with the right design tweaks, materials, colours and textures! Read on to witness each incredible transformation from close quarters.

Before: A kitchen in ruins

This kitchen was clearly on its last legs and was ready for renovation. We can see from the look of the tiles and fittings that it was, at best, a mediocre kitchen even in its prime.

After: A family’s delight

We instantly note the bigger tiles now used in the cooking range area, glowing warmly in the soft yellow light. This kitchenette has a comfortable, home-like aura while the sleek fittings make it equally stylish and cozy. The different flooring demarcates it as separate from the dining area, yet it has easy accessibility from the dining table, thus integrating the two areas in a contemporary manner.

Before: An old-fashioned mess

What chaos in this kitchenette! The clutter overruns the workspace, while the fridge and table are very much in the way, and the décor is obsolete! Definitely not a functional kitchen by any standard, and hardly aesthetic with its jarring green drapes.

After: A stylish makeover

The first thing we notice in this astonishing transformation is the complete absence of clutter and the trendy colour scheme. The workspace has been extended to make a U-shape and there is an abundance of storage space. The fridge is neatly tucked away in a convenient recess while the air conditioner, the recessed light, and the slatted door contribute to the smart look of this modern, functional kitchenette.

Before: Poor planning

We see a number of missed opportunities in this kitchenette. The pretty window and herringbone parquet floor are completely wasted in this unattractive setting. The space below the window ledge also mystifies us – an example of the poor planning that has made this kitchen a sorry affair.

After: A dramatic transformation

The attractive window and herringbone parquet are now highlighted beautifully, with the natural wood in the colour scheme providing a warm and pleasing contrast to the white. The kitchen counter has been extended a little and is softly lit by recessed lights, while the storage space has also been increased and is neatly hidden in minimalistic style. The dining table and chairs match the cozy décor perfectly and the books and little plants on the windowsill add a lovely touch!

Before: A chef’s nightmare

Is this a kitchen? A peculiar kitchen counter, a dilapidated cupboard, and a solitary cooking unit in drab surroundings – the basics for survival infused the space with zero aesthetics. No one would ever want to set foot in this kitchenette!

After: A radical conversion

What an incredible transformation! The nightmare has been converted into a chef’s dream! We love the contemporary light fixture on the ceiling and the exposed bricks of the far end wall. This rustic touch harmonizes with the smooth wooden countertops and offsets the modern white and sleek lines of the furniture beautifully. Rendered by the interior architects at Auraprojekt, this is truly a sophisticated yet friendly contemporary cooking haven!

Before-After: From dingy to delightful

The old kitchenette was cramped, dreary and lacked storage space. The furniture and fittings were old-fashioned and lacked style. And then, what a dramatic makeover to a warm, cozy and functional kitchen, smoothly integrated with a dining area. The new countertop is a warm brown that matches the attractive wooden dining table while forming an elegant contrast against the modern, minimalist white furniture and fittings. The plant centrepiece on the table is a pretty touch and the trendy light fixtures add a dash of style. There is sufficient storage space in addition to the floating shelves that work well in this modern and functional kitchen.

In these five renovated kitchenettes, we see five extraordinary examples of how an intelligent selection of design, furniture and colours can completely change the look of a drab, cramped, unappealing kitchenette to an inviting vision of sophisticated style and functionality! For more inspiration, take a look at another revamp story - This Tiny Shabby Bathroon Turns Super Chic.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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