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A Clever Addition Brightens Up This Home

Leigh Leigh
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London architects  XUL Architecture, know all about cutting-edge design, which is why they have a real treat in store for us today. 

These experts took an old-fashioned home in Abbots Gardens and transformed it into one of the most modern and impressive homes that we have seen in a long time – thanks to an extension on one side of the house as well as a redesign throughout its interior. Not only will this home inspire you to add some modern and refreshing touches to your own home, but it will prove to you that anything is possible when it comes to design and architecture.

As we explore, each room and look at the architectural plan that the designers put in place, we will see just how impressive this project truly is.

The modern addition

From the outside, we see how this traditional English home is very beautiful with it's Tudor-style design. 

The jettied (overhanging) first floor has been given a fresh facelift, with the half-timbered features painted in a cream tone. On the left, however, we can see how a modern facebrick section of the home has been built onto the side of the home, bringing in a refreshing and energized look and feel. While this is a very contemporary design, it still works in harmony with the original structure. 

The plan

In this drawing, we can see how much time and effort goes into planning an architectural extension like this one. The designers have to spend some time on their strategy and think very carefully about how they can enhance an existing structure, while making the necessary additions.

If you hire an architect to work on your home, ensure that you ask them to explain a plan like this to you. You need to understand what you are in for.

The works included the construction of a ground floor side extension, the formation of new bedrooms located on the upper floors and the conversion of the existing loft into a habitable room.

The open plan rooms on the ground floor surround the staircase, which in turn acts as a screen to help incorporate privacy to the necessary rooms.

We can also see in this image, how some of the walls have been knocked down, opening the home up with a more modern and open plan design.

The gorgeous extension

If we begin to explore the newly designed space, we come across a beautiful and contemporary interior that is very chic and stylish!

The kitchen is sleek and modern with white kitchen cabinets and shelves, which contrast beautifully with the grey counter tops. A touch of yellow brings some colour and cheerfulness to the space, without overwhelming it. The large glass windows also allow natural light to flow into the room, lighting up the environment. 

The green table and chairs are a second pop of colour and character, while providing a more casual space for enjoying breakfast. They are also small so they can be used for the kiddies!

A bathroom with a twist

The bathroom is very sleek, dominated by an all-white design. Thanks to the natural light that flows into this space, the room is very light and bright.

There is a touch of fun and creativity in this room, however, thanks to the hot air balloons featured on the bathroom tiles. This is a subtle yet stylish way to add some character and life to a bathroom. 

You'll also notice that there aren't any personal items lying around this space, creating clutter or chaos. This is thanks to the smart storage solutions featured throughout the kitchen. The cabinets underneath the sink as well as the medicine cabinet that hides behind the mirror provide the perfect space for items like toothpaste, make-up and soaps. This keeps the bathroom looking minimalist and stylish.

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The homely living room

The living room is a wonderful balance between contemporary and traditional.

The stylish leather sofa provides elegance and sophistication to the room, while still offering comfort and plenty of space of the family to cuddle up together and watch a film. 

The designers have installed shelves across the entire length of the wall, providing the perfect space for putting family photographs and certain decor items on display in a neat and stylish way. Have  look at these things to consider when choosing shelves.

Don't you love how the wooden floors bring a homely and earthy touch to the living space, contrasting beautifully with the white walls?

Open plan delight

If we look out from the living room, we can see how the open plan open living space opens up onto a gorgeous balcony. This allows for ventilation and sunshine to flow through the home, while visually and physically expanding the living area. 

We can see that little items used throughout this space add to a very charming and homely environment. A plant is a wonderful addition to the home, bringing in a natural and fresh touch to the space – a great tip for any room in the house!

The minimalist office space

We end off our tour in the attic, which has been transformed into a very functional and stylish space!

The white walls and large glass window create a very sleek and minimalist room, while the simple office desk and chair offer function and versatility. Could you imagine doing some work in this peaceful spot while overlooking the beautiful views?

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What do you think of the new extension to this impressive home?
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