Dining room decor: 8 mistakes to avoid

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Decorating a room to be perfectly suited to our needs is always exciting! Our personality shines in the colours and fabrics of the furniture and objects we buy to make a house our home. It can also be an overwhelming ordeal for some who don't take the time to think out their space.

Dining rooms are special places in our homes that are often underestimated because we might spend more time in our living rooms or bedrooms. Cherish the times you spend with family and loved ones by creating a serene space to share with them at the end of a long day.

homify wants to help you make your dining room more functional and inviting. We have lots of interior designers and decorators that can help. In this ideabook, we will see how some experts skillfully address the dining room. Here is our list of 8 mistakes to avoid. Let's go!

1. Dining in the Dark

Interior designers HOLACASA keeps the dining area bright.

Often the dining area is banished to a place without enough natural light. Try to make an effort to allow more light into your dining room.

You can also brighten up a room naturally using mirrors and creative lighting to bring your dining room out of the Dark Ages.

2. Being Devoid of Life

This design by PRACOWNIA PROJEKTOWA HANNA KŁYK livens it up.

Perhaps your dining area is a little hermetic or has become a place just to store some knick-knacks without much thought. 

Bringing life to the dining area will make everyone more apt to linger over the table longer and to sit down instead of hurriedly eating in the kitchen.

While you don't have to commit to a floral mural per say, you can be inspired to think of other ways to bring life into your dining room like using more colour or keeping fresh flowers in a vase.

3. Having a Spotlight on Dinner

This design by PIANCA MOBILIARIO uses multiple lamps.

For some reason, it’s popular to have a lone pendant lamp that acts as a spotlight on the dinner table. The light is often harsh and uncomfortable for everyone! 

You’re better off to mix it up or find a way to make this overhead light more diffuse. Using lamps like these colourful and whimsical pendant lights helps avoid the harsh paparazzi spotlight. 

4. Being Too Formal

This design by CASA JOSEPHINE creates a fun and casual dining area. 

Many dining rooms are decorated as if they are reserved for when the Queen comes over for dinner! Having an overly formal dining room is not comfortable. You can keep a light and casual dining room that is still acceptable for the household and guests.

5. Not Having Enough Space

TEMAHOME designs a space with plenty of room.

It's a big mistake to have a dining room with not enough space to comfortably accommodate everyone. That might mean taking extra furniture out, moving the dining area to a larger space, or downsizing your table.

Having enough space creates a flow in the whole room. No one should have to squeeze by to get to their seat!

6. Having a Cookie Cutter Dining Room

Don't be part of the herd. This design by BAAS-KLEINBLOESEM creates a unique dining area.

 If your dining space looks like it could belong to anyone, then it won't feel like your home. No one wants to sit down in a cookie cutter designed room. 

You can find lots of ways to bring in your personality and style into a dining space. Use more colour, an eclectic mix of chairs, and a cozy rug to avoid a uniform cookie cutter look.

7. Having Uncomfortable Seating

WOHNDESIGN MAIERHOFER uses comfortable furniture in their design.

Lots of people mistakenly buy furniture for the dining room that looks good but is not comfortable. It's hard to have a relaxing meal if no one can stand to sit longer than 15 minutes!

Make sure you are choosing comfortable pieces and that the chairs are suitable for the height of the table. 

8. Not Trusting Your Instincts

LUZIO helped their client follow their intuition.

At the end of the day, you are the expert in what you need from a living room. Follow your gut and design a space that you will love to spend time in with loved ones. Remember to avoid these mistakes and embrace the positive effects that a well designed dining room can have on your everyday life.

Looking for more dining room designs? Check out our simple design ideas for a dramatic dining room.

What dining room mistakes are you trying to avoid?

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