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The Diversely Different Dream Home

Leigh Leigh
Decoussemaecker Interieurs Country style house
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This incredible, cutting-edge mansion that we are going to show you today will take your breath away. 

Based in Stolpboerderij in North Holland and designed by expert professionals, Decoussemaecker Interiors, this is a home that features everything from a media room to a gym to a games room. With so many functions, twists and turns, the designers have remained flawless with their execution, marrying comfort with trend.

We will also see how each room has its own unique flavour, with lavish and luxurious touches here and there that will leave you drooling.

Are you ready to take a look?

The impressive exterior

From the outside of the home, we can see that this is no ordinary piece of architecture. A stone driveway leads up to an iconic almost pyramid-shaped home, which looks deceivingly like it is only made up of one-storey. However, the windows featured throughout the roof hint at the fact that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. 

The pale stone cladding contrasts beautifully with the blue roof, integrating elegantly into the nature that surrounds it. 

We can also see what a big role lighting plays throughout the exterior, illuminating certain details and designs, including the garden. This is functional too, allowing family and friends to find their way to the front door in the dark.

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Dining Lavishly

If we head inside this gorgeous home, we explore the dining room first. With its cream tones, elegantly plush silver chairs and luxurious chandelier that hangs over the dining room table, this is a space that looks fit for royalty to dine!

Flanked by stone walls, which each feature fireplaces, the dining room is slightly separated from other areas of the house, allowing diners privacy without completely cutting the rooms off from one another.

The fireplaces are a very lavish yet functional touch, keeping this space warm and cozy in winter!

Relaxing Radiantly

The living room is in the next section of the house, featuring a similar neutral colour palette to the dining room. However, the designers have added some warm colours and patterns to the space to make it a little bit more homely and comfortable. This is in the form of the orange cushions and animal print throw.

Remember that opting for neutral tones in the living space and then adding colour in the form of cushions or throws is a great design tip as it allows you to change up the colour-scheme or introduce new themes just by swapping out these small elements. This is very cost-effective!

The chic kitchen

This is a kitchen that you may not even want to cook in because you'd never want to get it dirty!

The designers have opted for a dramatic black and white contrast in this space, which works incredibly well because of the natural light that flows through this space. The black and white works in harmony with the sleek silver appliances, creating a very cutting-edge look and feel.

The kitchen island and bar stools bring back that homeliness and comfort however, providing a more casual space where the family can catch up over coffee or share breakfast together.

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The gym

We told you that this house had a gym!

Modern, stylish and functional, this area of the home means that the family never have to leave to get a good workout. Can you imagine anything better? (Just wait, this is only the beginning!)

Frosted glass doors provide a very edgy design, while giving gym-goers some privacy.

Because gym equipment isn't particularly pretty or stylish, the designers have added a lush pot of flowers outside the door of this area of the home, beautifying it very naturally and holistically. This also makes anyone who comes into this area of the house feel instantly energized too!

The bedrooms

We start off in this bedroom, which features a minimalist and chic look and feel. In this space, the designers have gone for an all-white design, where the only real design element is the modern fireplace installed in the wall. 

The minimalist look and feel is achieved thanks to the abundance of storage space in this bedroom. This means that all personal or unnecessary items are stored neatly out of sight, while only the most functional remain in view.

In touch with nature

This bedroom also takes on a minimalist design but is more warm and earthy thanks to the wallpaper used behind the bed, which adds a subtle form of decor without overwhelming the space.

Wallpaper is a wonderful decor element and comes in so many different varieties, allowing you to truly transform a room. You can get inspired by this ideabook featuring wallpaper to liven up your home.

A touch of red

In this bedroom, the designers have brought in a splash of color and vitality to the room, which adds energy and a dynamic design to the space.

These bedrooms are an example of how your private space can speak to your own personality, without compromising on style and trend. If you prefer a touch of colours, for example, this is a wonderful way to integrate it into the design.

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Get creative

There are certain rooms in a home where you can really get creative, which is exactly what the designers have done here in this impressive music room.

With an electric pink carpet, bright wallpaper and pink curtains, this space is very sexy! This is further enhanced by the beautiful and glamorous music equipment featured throughout.

Do you see how the designers have found a wonderful balance between elegance and creativity throughout the house?

And a media room!

This mansion truly has everything that a family could possibly ever need or want. 

This media room is more like a home cinema, with comfortable leather chairs and a large screen television. The accessories, decoration and lighting all enhance this space so that it truly feels like you are going to the movies every time you walk through the door.

The games room

We end off our tour in the games room, which is just as fun and funky as the music room.

With purple lighting and an abundance of games, pool tables and even a bar, you could be in the middle of a public arcade in this space!

If you have the space, a games room is a great addition to a family home as it creates an interactive space where the family can unwind and relax after a long day at work or school. This is also a great space to host parties!

Which is your favorite room in this luxurious mansion?

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