Ravishing rural style: 10 kitchen decor ideas

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There is nothing that converts a kitchen into a warm and homely space quicker than a rustic design with raw materials. If you like this kind of design or if you have never considered it before, this is an ideabook that you have to explore because you will be so incredibly inspired by each and every single one of these designs. 

Today, we bring you 10 of the most spectacular kitchen designs from top professionals from around the world. We will see the different takes and designs around this style and, of course, the incredible final results. 

Are you ready to go rural today?

1. Simplicity

A great advantage to a rustic kitchen is the simplicity of the design and furnishings, as we can see in this image. 

There are a just few shelves on the wall and simple, wooden finishes that work in harmony with the grey ceramic tiles, creating a very homely and earthy look and feel.

Nature is a strong element in a kitchen like this, bringing us back to the simplicity of all that is natural.

2. The Natural

Speaking of natural, oak is a typical wood furnishing when it comes to a rustic or country kitchen. Just polish or wax it and you have the most beautiful organic environment that keeps the interior in touch with the exterior. 

We can see in this image that there is nothing more needed in the kitchen to beautify it, yet the designers have added a stone countertop, which reinforces the organic look and feel.

The antique kettle and lanterns that are hung around this space reinforce the ambiance, while the pot plants bring in their own touch of the natural.

3. Temptation field

Rustic or rural styles really introduce a country charm to the home.

If you go for this look and feel, the furniture should exude peace and tranquility, again coming back to that connection with nature. There are some details that you can include in the kitchen that will also truly enhance this design.

The clay oven, for example, represents a very typical rural cuisine tool. You can use cement or polished concrete to create this exact design, adding a splash of mustard, yellow or red paint.

Don't you love the very traditional cotton curtains, which enhance the kitchen?

4. Interior delights

If you have a large kitchen that is constantly busy with family or friends, you can use kitchen ornaments like those used in this design to really add charm and detail to it. 

A must for this type of environment is kitchen shelves and storage units. This allows you plenty of space to store the things that you want on display in a very neat and organized way as well as store the things that you don't want on display neatly out of sight. You don't want your decor items to end up cluttering and crowding the kitchen so ensure that each one has a specific home. 

Have a look at these 6 steps to a better kitchen storage system.

In this image, we can also see what a big impact a touch of colour makes! Offset by the marble counter tops, the red cabinets are simple gorgeous. 

5. A mixture between weathered and modern

Usually a rustic design is associated with the old and the traditional. This is why more modern and cutting-edge designers try to draw in more contemporary pieces, creating a wonderful mix of the old and the new. This results in a very stylish and original design.

The grey tones used for the kitchen cabinets and shelves complement the more traditional bronze handles, while the wooden floors bring in that very authentic organic look and feel.

Tip: Add clay pots or vases to your kitchen to complete the look!

6. The drawers of surprises

A rustic kitchen deserves to be used and used often. You'll need plenty of olive oils, spices and sauces to keep you cooking up a storm all year round!

We've mentioned smart storage before, but it's very important that you have specific drawers and cupboards designed for condiments, where they won't fall over or spill.

Remember that an organized kitchen makes for a happy kitchen!

7. Wood and marble

When it comes to a rural kitchen, marble deserves a special mention because of how robust and strong it is as a material. Wood is also indispensable when it comes to a stylish rustic design but a marble counter top is much more durable and easier to clean. 

As we can see in this image, the tone of these two materials creates a very warm ambiance. Mixed with green hues for excellent results. 

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8. Elegant detail

A rustic kitchen leaves a lot of room for craftsmanship, where you can really take care in the detail and design of your kitchen space. From the wooden trim, to the door handles to colors of the wood, there are so many beautiful and elegant touches you can make to your kitchen.

Utilize the lighting in your kitchen to illuminate these details.

9. Everything in full view

You can also invest in kitchen furniture without doors, keeping all of your plates, mugs and glasses on display as a functional form of decor. Each item in sight must work in harmony with the beauty and design of the kitchen itself, however.

10. Old resources

What a lovely touch!

This counter top rises up into a chopping board, while the rest of the kitchen features only the most functional and minimum elements. The matte wooden tones bring a sense of simplicity and homeliness to the kitchen. You can also add a basket of fruit to enhance this look and feel. Decorating your rustic kitchen with antiques, thrift store finds or perhaps grandma's old bread box is a sure way to achieve a more rural, homely feel.

If you looking to do something very different with your kitchen design, also have a look at this ideabook: utilize that empty kitchen wall.

Would you go for a rustic kitchen?

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