A Plain Rooftop Becomes A Patio in Paradise

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Rooftops offer so much potential – plenty of sunlight, far-reaching views, and privacy from the humdrum of the streets below. However, anyone who's ever had the chance to get a rare view looking down at city rooftops (from a sky scraper, jet, etc) has probably noticed how few rooftops actually take advantage of their supreme location. Most rooftops look a lot like this one did before it was transformed by A2OFFICE architects into a livable, fun, and well-furnished escape. Have a look at the details in this reno job, and see how a space that was once utilitarian and industrial has been made into a lovely rooftop patio!

Before: Nowhere Near a Rooftop Paradise

This rooftop space is plain and empty – there's really nothing to it. You wouldn't imagine that you're actually in a mid-size town on the northern coast of Portugal, surrounded by old aqueducts, sprawling beaches, and a warm, pleasant summer. This space is underutilized and drab, with nowhere to sit and enjoy the fresh air.

Before: The Gloomy Entrance

Here, you catch a glimpse of the courtyard staircase that leads to the rooftop (although, given its current state, it's hard to imagine why there'd be a staircase in the first place). Watch how this gloomy, bland space is transformed into a surprising slice of paradise in the following photos!

After: Tropical Influence

Immediately, the warm orange and yellow tones in the new patio jump out as naturally welcoming tones. Gone are the concrete walls, with vertical wooden planks to replace them. The walls have been given extra height for added privacy, enclosing this space in an intimate way. Bamboo squares are found in a cheerful pattern across the floor, adding a modern geometrical element. Over all, with the bamboo plant growing in the planter, the bamboo walls, and the thick, vertical slats of orange-hued wood, this new patio draws influence from Southeast Asian cultures.

After: A Table with a View

Here, the short concrete wall is left unadorned, allowing a tidy table to cozy right up to the edge – this is certainly a dining location with a view! You can just imagine a candle burning slowly inside of the small tabletop lantern while a couple laughs heartily over plates of delicious food.  A detail worth nothing in this table's design is the selection of two chairs that employ half-backs, making sure the table setting rests below the line created by the concrete wall. While you lose the ability to lean way back in your chair, you gain a streamlined set-up that doesn't compete awkwardly with the panorama beyond. 

After: A Wall with a Breeze

There may not be an epic view of the landscape, but this new design does create plenty of privacy on the deck. In some parts, the wall employs a loosely arranged twig fence that has plenty of small gaps for a breeze to blow through. 

An interesting note about the bamboo floor: bamboo's use by humans in construction, cultivations, and decoration goes back for centuries, and the symbolic significance of bamboo is very diverse depending on each country's specific culture. However, it's an interesting choice for this patio floor, as bamboo is associated with friendship, elegance, and integrity, and in this case, its symbolism sets the perfect undertone for classy, friendly  gatherings under the starry sky.

After: Modern Furniture

Modern, rectangular furniture embraces the square shape and sharp corners of the patio space, providing a stylish and comfortable setting for gatherings. Although it looks like leather, this furniture is all made of a waterproof material – important in this region of Portugal where drizzle is said to be as common as sunshine.

Lively bursts of turquoise brighten things up, bringing bold colour to a space that's full of neutrals – a fun contrast! If you're looking for more tips on setting up your patio, yard, or balcony for outdoor fun, have a look at this guideHow to Create an Outstanding Outdoor Party Space

After: Green Details

This new patio design takes advantage of the fresh air and the outdoor sunshine to put several vibrant, leafy plants on display! The rock garden below, filled with stunning white gravel, provides a low-maintenance surface for the modern garden, and it also reflects sunlight to provide the plants with a little extra boost of light. These bright, leafy wonders really pop against this stark white background!

After: Multiple Seating Options

This lounging space offers multiple ways to relax: prefer being snuggled up? Opt for the beanbag-style chair. Prefer a more standard seat? The armchair will suit your tastes. Looking for something a little more unique? Test out the hanging chair, resembling a birdcage in the corner of the space. This layout allows guests to have various levels of participation in the action – while a chair by the table is more friendly and sociable, the more enclosed birdcage chair is off by itself, creating a safe haven for someone who prefers to just sit and think. 

If you like the beauty and history of Portuguese homes, here's another transformation of a home in Portugal that went from ruin to rockstar!

What do you think of this brand new rooftop patio? Share your insight below!

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