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SALLIER WOHNEN SYLT Country style garden Stone Green
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Sylt is located on a small island off the Northern coast of Germany, an area known for its marshlands, expansive mudflats, and ties to the sea. This grand home is designed as a nod to the simple cottages of brick and straw that once dotted this coastal area; seeing as how gusty sea winds and storms have taken their toll on the region's buildings over the centuries, this home is a modern construction that simply captures a long-gone era in its use of materials and traditional facade.

This tour offers a focus on the lovely interior design in the home – the furniture and accessories designed by Sallier Wohnen Sylt place a focus on the details that make this cottage a luxurious, luminous, and high-quality home.

Charming Facade

From the outside, this countryside villa represents one of the typical houses of the region: the roof is comprised of thatched straw, while the red bricks radiate warmth, integrity, and friendliness. The teal window frames and door give a stylish nod to the blue colors of the nearby sea. Yet another element tying this home to its natural and cultural environment, a rugged stone wall forms the boundary to the property, a construction that historically used the stones that had been removed from cultivated fields. A charming gate offers an invitation to step inside and enjoy the lush, sunny garden within. Overall, this home is a villa in countryside paradise!

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A lovely detail

The doorknob that adorns the white wooden door offers evidence that this home was designed with careful, deliberate attention to the tiniest detail. Although brand new, these designers have filled the home with details rooted in history, like these weathered silver handles that feature an old-fashioned keyhole below. 

Shading and Shadows

The interior of the home emanates a sense of warmth and comfort with rich wooden materials in the floors and furniture. Their design is understated and simple, in keeping with the feel of a historic era of more simple pleasures. As of yet, there are no pictures and paintings to cover the walls, and you can see how this room uses the simple elements of light and color to create an interesting space: wall lights and ceilings lights are placed at various locations throughout, their light creating interesting shapes and shadows around the evenly-lit room. Multiple hues of brown, from cream to deep chocolate, provide a range of shades that bring a balance of light and dark in the soft, warm bedroom.

It's worth noting the split-level floor: a platform provides the ability to share a room, creating two separate spaces within one. This solution is employed in many common, open areas that share a dining room and a living room within the same space. It's also a good option for families with young children who want to set up play area within sight of the parents' bedroom.

Balanced Bathroom

This bathroom offers simple, round shapes in the sink and tankless toilet, providing a nice balance for the rectangular shapes in the mirror and walls. 

The Sauna/Bathroom

The villa is equipped with everything you could possibly want for a relaxing visit – including a sauna! This large bathroom serves as a dressing area for the sauna (located to the left). The soft, warm quality of wood makes a high-quality floor for the utmost comfort – no more cold bathroom tiles to shock your feet in the mornings! Once again, this room enjoys a good balance between light and dark materials, with light tones in the walls, mid tones in the floor, and dark, rich tones in the bench and cabinet. This bathroom/sauna is absolutely luxurious, instilling a calm sense of peace and comfort.

Bright and Airy

Inside this villa, the rooms are all bright, large, and airy. Part of this is due to the infrastructure of the building itself, but some of this air and lightness is created by the furnishings. The designers have created additional space in this room by installing a highly functional, streamlined cabinet. There's storage cabinets small and large, drawers, shelves, and even a nook for the television (the cutout for the television, which includes a little hole for the cords to pass through, makes adding a separate piece of TV furniture piece unnecessary). With such a streamlined design, the homeowners can focus adding a few pieces of furniture in this bedroom-to-be without having to worry about making room for a bookshelf or cabinet.

If you like the way this home uses wood to make bold statements, you can travel to the UK for a look at another unique home showcasing another wood-centric design.

Luxurious bathroom

Gone is the feeling of being in a historical cottage – this bathroom embraces modernity in full swing with a glassy shower stall, double faucet sink, and expansive floor plan! This modern space continues the multiple-toned theme from the rest of the home, juxtaposing light, mid, and dark tones. After a walk along the seaside, this bathroom is a luminous and luxurious place to freshen up!

What do you think of this luxurious villa? Share your thoughts on its interior decor below!

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