A Cozy Cottage Perfect for The Suburbs

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We are in the Polish town of Myslenice today, and this abode called Project Domu has caught our attention with its cottage-like exterior and charming interiors. Rendered by the talented architects at Archon + Projekty Domow, this countryside sanctuary uses simple, neutral hues and lavish doses of wood to ensure rustic appeal and elegant simplicity. Surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees, the property’s interiors are dotted by chic and cosy furnishing, trendy lights and sleek storage solutions. The abundant use of glass guarantees that the home receives lots of sunlight besides offering stunning views of the outdoors. The smart open plan layout of the abode and its enticing backyard are other aspects you should watch out for.

Myriad Elements in the Quaint Façade

The cottage-like façade of the home features a slanting roof that is punctuated by an A line gabled face on either side. In front, you can see the porch shaded by the eave jutting out in the form of the balcony above. Below, wooden planks around the entrance render a vibrant and earthy look to the traditional white and grey façade. The home has been built on a patch of greenery that has a rocky platform, and makes for a pretty picture under the blue sky.

Retro Meets Modern in the Living Room

Retro, metro and everything in between have come together for a seamless stylish ambiance in the living room. Retro chairs in mustard and white walls look warm and stylish, while the modern grey couch with its striped accents ensure that the fun factor stays alive. Sleek tables, a minimalistic entertainment nook, and fuss-free cabinets in the kitchen beyond, enhance the openness of the space and design continuity.

Glass and Wood for an Airy Feel

The open vibe of this home has been achieved with the help of the large glass doors and windows and light hued wooden frames that surround the main hall. Wooden logs neatly arranged in the tall niche on the left cater to the needs of the elegant fireplace, while wooden accents also make an appearance near the entertainment zone. Wooden chair legs join in too, for a look and feel that promises subtle rusticity.

Clean Linear Design Scheme

The design scheme of the interiors follows the use of neat lines, uncluttered and unhindered by needless flourishes. The architects have turned to an eclectic vibe for interesting factors by combining various materials and elements. From here, you can see the dining table which is a simple and solid wrought iron affair with reclaimed wooden planks set on top. White retro style chairs mimic the single-seater loungers in the living room, while trendy and chic pendant lights in black make a bold style statement. The kitchen lies right next to the modern fireplace and is a sleek, modular affair in gleaming white with a grey floor.

Idyllic Setting

The backyard enjoys an idyllic setting with a stone deck and wooden detailing as well as recliners and outdoor dining arrangement. The pristine blue pool glimmers against the grey and white house with warm wooden accents for a rejuvenating look and feel.

Charmed by the modern yet earthy and airy appeal of this nature-friendly property? We are too! Take another tour for more ideas - The Charming Cozy Nest for Two.

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