A Bright Eco-Friendly Home Perfect For Canada

Leigh Leigh
Bongers Architecten Modern living room
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Today we are going to travel to south Holland where interior designers Bongers Architecten have built a beautiful and quaint home that will charm the pants off of you!

At just over 1300 square feet (129 m²), this home may be smaller than your average suburban abode, but it certainly shouldn't be overlooked. In fact, this is a home that proves that good things indeed comes in small packages.

As we tour this home, from the exterior into the living space, we will see how much of a role detail plays in the execution of this eco-friendly design. We will also see how by utilizing every square inch of space, you can create a gorgeous home that is bright and bold!

Are you ready to take a look? 

The sweetest home

As we look at the home from the outside, we can see how modern and contemporary it is. 

The home takes on a traditional gable roof design, with grey as the dominant colour. Yet we can see how tradition meets chic and stylish, with wooden slats introducing different textures and tones to the facade. We can also see how the grey tones are interspersed with large glass sheets that make up the doors and windows. This integrates the interior with the exterior, visually expanding the home. The beautiful glass façade has 220 degree views of the surrounding area. 

Built for six, our favourite part of this 1300 square foot home is how it spills out onto a wooden terrace, which gives the family a brand new space to interact and enjoy the fresh air.  

Funky details

If we head inside the home, we can see that wood is a dominant material. It is used throughout the home in the form of ceiling beams, railings that run parallel to the staircase and the window and door frames. Wood is always a wonderful material to use in a small home, bringing a homely, simple yet elegant touch to the environment.

The dining room is incredibly stylish, featuring a black dining room table and colourful chairs. These chairs bring charm and a sense of brightness to the home.

The lighting is also key in this space. The silver orbs that hang from the ceiling are very trendy and funky. 

Do you see how the small details make a big difference?

Open plan

The dining room spills into a living room, with the open plan design making the home seem that much more spacious and expansive.

The industrial screed flooring is not only modern and gorgeous, but is also a very durable and resilient material to use for the floor. It's easy to clean and looks stylish!

The neutral tones bring a warm, cozy and earthy look and feel to the environment, while the red sofas add some color and charm. In this image, we can also see how the large glass windows and doors create that seamless interaction between the interior and exterior spaces. 

The fireplace is wonderful in that it's not only functional but it adds a wonderfully homely and decorative touch to the living area. 

Go Green

The house is built of sustainable materials, with the main structure constructed of sturdy, high-quality European Oak . The ground floor features a concrete floor with underfloor heating and rest on a foundation that is completely piled. The first floor has insulated wooden floors and is equipped with radiators for those chillier winter months. 

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What do you think of this little home?

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