This Loft Apartment Renovation Is Uplifting

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Beriot, Bernardini arquitectos Industrial style kitchen
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Madrid architect professionals, Beriot Bernardini Architects, took an old, run down loft and transformed it into a modern and trendy home that is packed with charm, quirk and personality.

Packed with natural light, colour and decor items, this loft renovation is incredibly impressive. You will see how a dilapidated space was turned it into the most stylish home on the block.

We will also come across a wonderful surprise that shows just how far innovation and creativity goes. Aren't you curious to find out more?

Before: An old warehouse

In these images, we can see that this was a run down space with old, broken windows, a ceiling that looks like it is about to cave in and old furniture scattered everywhere. 

The walls also look completely grotesque! They are stained and chipped. This is truly an abandoned warehouse.

Before: A dump

In this image, we can see what a ruin this loft was before the intervention. It looks like a place where vagrants camp and build fires!

It's hard to see how this home could be transformed, but the high ceilings give us a glimmer of hope. Maybe there is some potential after all?

After: Modern and chic

From the outside, we can see how the loft is incredibly glamorous and sleek with an expansive glass facade and a very industrial chic look and feel.

This modern design is enhanced by the silver finishes and the touches of yellow here and there. We can see that the loft gets plenty of natural light and fresh air thanks to the large glass windows and abundance of windows. A touch of greenery surrounds the space, contrasting the very urban look and feel with a more natural element.

After: Natural tones

If we make our way into the home, we can see how the interior has taken on a brand new and fresh look and feel. White walls contrast beautifully with wooden elements, bringing a fresh, natural and earthy tone to the home.

From this angle, we can also see what a big role the new, large glass windows play, allowing sunlight to stream through the interior space. This creates a much more cheerful and attractive space!

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After: Multi-functional

From this angle, we can see how every inch of space has been utilized effectively to create a very multi-functional home environment.

The living room is tucked into the corner, but it doesn't seem too cramped or crowded thanks to the large glass windows and plants and trees that are featured throughout the room. The designers have gone for neutral tones but have added a splash of colour in the form of terracotta pink walls, while the adjacent brick wall brings in a rustic, earthy and textured look and feel. 

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On the right, we can see how the designers have maximized the high ceilings and vertical space, creating a little loft within the loft. An exercise machine has even been slotted into this space, ensuring that everything you need is right here in this beautiful home!

After: The fireplace

As we know in Canadian winters, a fireplace can mean the difference between a cozy and warm house and a house that feels cold and uncomfortable!

Yet in this image, we can also see how a fireplace can contribute to the charm and style of the home, becoming a decor accessory in itself. There are so many trendy fireplace designs out there, you can choose from a variety of options. No matter which style you go for, you'll instantly enhance your living space.

After: Floating stairs

The designers even brought a stylish look and feel into the loft in the form of a staircase, installing floating stairs that lead from the first floor up to the second floor.

In this image, we can see how the stairs seem to float in mid-air, which is very chic and trendy. It also means that the design is more sleek and lightweight, which means that it takes up less room. 

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After: Interconnected spaces

In this image, we can see how the dining room and kitchen spill into one another, creating a wonderfully interactive space.

The white dining room table seems to extend from the pillar, which subtly separates the kitchen from the rest of the living space. Funky lighting completely enhances the wooden floors and white table, while the red walls introduce some charm, personality and of course, some color.

An interconnected kitchen and dining room is wonderful for convenience as well as interaction, creating a friendly and charming environment where friends and family can cook meals and share stories over cups of tea.

After: The Surprise!

Last, but certainly not least, we come to one of the best parts of the brand new and improved loft: the roof terrace!

This space expands the interiors of the home, offering a new environment where the family can soak up the sun and enjoy the fresh air. This is the ideal area for hosting dinner parties under the stars, reading books, having afternoon naps and catching some shade while enjoying the city views. If you have the opportunity to feature a roof terrace in your home, go for it! With comfortable furniture and some plants and trees, you'll forget that you're in the middle of a city.

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