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Unica Architektur AG Modern dining room
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The architects for this wonderful home, Unica Architektur AG, stress that there couldn't be a more serene and natural setting for a home. They wanted to make a simple contemporary home that would fit in with this surrounding natural beauty. So they designed a gorgeous wooden home and built it out of Western Red Cedar to make for a distinctive look. That's only the first marvel of this lovely home, so join us to discover the rest. 

Exterior View

This gorgeous home stands out from a mile away, partly because of that gorgeous wood in an unusually light finish. The asymmetrical windows in interesting rectangular shapes also give this building some personality. The huge glass windows and doors along the bottom of the home are sure to bring in the joy of this green landscape indoors. 

Side View

From the side view we can see that the home has a walk-out basement. The architects tell us that they intentionally left the front half of the lowest floor full of earth. While this makes the walk-out portion of the home small it does make the building more secure and temperature regulating. Also notice that in the front yard, the architects have included a two-car garage in the form on an elegant awning. There's also a charming wrap-around porch with a simple wrought iron fence. 

Distinct First Floor

What a living space! The fireplace in the background has a modern geometrical design that allows it to be enjoyed from the front or the back. The dining room has chairs in brown and black tones, and the simple wooden table fits right into the natural vibe of the home. Bright white walls and ceiling bring the light into the home, but also encourage the residents to peer out at the surrounding beauty and engage with their surroundings. It's a calm environment in a stunning package! If you want more amazing inspiration for your living room we have plenty right here

Two Harmonious Spaces

This double image offers us a peek into the sleek kitchen and an adorable window-seat. The kitchen is dark and sophisticated, with smooth surfaces that lack handles, making for a very elegant ambiance. The dark colour draws the eyes into this space and makes it the focal point of the open-concept main floor. On the other side, the window seat area is lighter and incorporates a sweet shade of pink. It seems like a dreamy spot to sit and read. You could even nap there, with a seat that long and wide! The designers have taken this little nook as an opportunity to put in plenty of practical storage space as well.  

Pool View

We return to the backyard of the home to give you a look at this long, elegant pool. One of the family members must be a fan of doing swimming laps because this pool is the perfect size for it. Plus that little statue on the right looks like he's about to jump in and swim himself-- how cute! Otherwise this space boasts of the same elegance that we saw inside. The beige umbrella is huge and graceful, the patio furniture is dark and elegant, and the potted plants add a touch of greenery. 

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