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The Gorgeous Home That Marries Old And New

Leigh Leigh
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Flower Michelin, architect professionals in London, have a project to show us today that could teach every Canadian a trick or two about home design and decor. 

Comprising of a full internal refurbishment of a six bedroom house, with new basement , rear extension, landscaping and crossover, this is a home that impresses effortlessly.

We will see how the classic merges with the modern and how tradition and futuristic style collide.

This is a home that is simple yet sophisticated, with every room revealing a new way to do things. 

Let's take a look!

The classic London house

When it comes to a modern home, you don't need to forget about the traditional elements that make it charming and homely.

From the outside of this home, we can see that the structure is a gorgeous and traditional shape, while the red brick facade brings in that feeling of history and authenticity. 

Based in Fulham Park Road, this architecture is beautiful and deserves to be preserved. If well maintained and looked after, the results are simply incredible.

Also remember that your home's exterior is the first impression that people will get of your home. Trim the hedges and give the front wall a paint job every so often!

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The chic interior

In contrast to the more traditional exterior, the interior of the home is incredibly stylish and sleek!

White dominates this open plan design, while the natural light creates a very spacious, light and airy look and feel. In the evening, the gorgeous copper lamps that hang down from the ceiling throughout this area offer a soft and entrancing glow. 

The kitchen area opens up onto the dining room and the rest of the living space, creating a social and interactive space for the family. Mom and dad can cook up a storm while the children do their homework at the table or work on the computer in the cozy little nook.

The designers have maximized every square inch of living space available in this home, including how they've used a little corner to create a home office.

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The functional yet stylish living room

The living room is also finished in a neutral colour palette, creating a warm and inviting space that is filled with natural light.

However, we can really see elements of the residents' personalities here. A piano in the corner shows us that there is a musical interest in the family. A bookshelf shows us there is a love of books and magazines, while the television gives us a clue into what they like to do for entertainment.

This is a room that is functional, comfortable and cozy, yet still very chic and stylish thanks to the clean lines and neutral colour palette.

The home office

In this area of the house, we come across a very stylish home office with a modern wooden desk and a set of shelves, which keep files and stationery stored neatly away.

The lime green chair is a wonderful example of how you can add a touch of colour and life into your home! This chair really enhances the design, without overwhelming it.

Don't be afraid to add some colorful cushions or a brightly-coloured furniture to your home!

The serene bathroom

A bathroom should be one of the most minimalist spaces in the house, with soft and simple colours as well as absolutely no clutter or chaos.

You want to feel at peace when you are in your bathroom, whether you are drying your hair or reading your book in a bubble bath. Invest in smart storage solutions throughout, including shelves or cabinets under the sink and medicine cabinets behind the mirrors, which will allow you ample space to store make-up, toiletries and other personal items.

In this image, we can see how a clean and minimalist bathroom makes for a very effective design!

The outdoor space

If you have a garden then you have to create a terrace where you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in summer, like these designers have done here.

Invest in a solid flooring for your terrace space, which will last in all weather conditions. You can build a shelter too if you like.

Next add some durable and sustainable furniture, which will provide a comfortable spot to dine or read your book among the trees. Add cushions too! These can simply be packed away indoors when you are not using the outdoor space.

Have a look at these 6 easy steps to the perfect terrace for inspiration for your own home.

Did you learn a thing or two today?
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