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Modern and contemporary homes often consist of neutral colours and earthy tones, but this doesn't mean a compromise on personality and charm. In fact, in this home in Frankenberg, we are going to see how design professionals Fingerhaus GMBH, have created a family home characterized by black and white with a touch of colour and personal twists.

Delightfully homely and effortlessly chic, this is a home that any family would aspire to own and live in. It is the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. 

We are going to tour each room of this house today and see just how these designers have managed to achieve this perfect balance.

White and Black

In this image, we can see that the facade is made up of white and black tones, which creates a very classic and elegant look and feel. 

The shape of the home is quite unique, however, where the designers have played with different shapes and volumes thanks to the amount of space available to them. The roof tilts at quite a dramatic angle while a center column rises up through the middle of the facade – a very cutting-edge design.

We can also see that the designers have an expansive property to work with, allowing for rolling lawns and a very impressive garden. This only enhances the elegance and beauty of the exterior environment. A front porch lets the owners savour their surrounds.

An entrance to be proud of

The entrance of the home is worth pausing and taking a look at because entrances are so important! They often get overlooked in the design of a home, but they are central to the first impression that people will get of your home.

This home features lovely soft tones including white and grey, which creates a very warm and inviting look and feel. The white front door features four glass panes in it and there is a long, rectangle window alongside the front door. This offers guests a little glimpse in the home as they arrive on the front door step. Thus the home immediately invites and envelopes them in its warmth, before they've even stepped through the front door!

The flower bed next to the steps is the cherry on top of this impressive yet subtle entrance, adding colour and vibrancy to the environment. A touch of nature never goes amiss in a beautiful design!

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The warm living space

The dining room and kitchen spill into one another, which makes for a very interactive and social living space where the family can catch up with one another during meals or while preparing food.

The same black and white tones have been used throughout the interior, but we can see that the designers have used a very warm wooden dining room table and chairs to bring some colour and charm into the space. This offsets the sleek silver and white kitchen design. 

The vase of flowers on the table brings in a fresh touch, without overwhelming the area. TIP: Add a vase of flowers to your home for a splash of colour.

You'll also notice that the kitchen features a little breakfast bar, which subtly keeps it slightly separate from the dining room. This is a great design trick!

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The sleek living room

The living room is the perfect balance between minimalist chic and comfortable coziness.

The designers used black leather sofas for this area, in keeping with the darker tones to the living space. The grey cushions offset this. This works because of the amount of natural light that flows into this space! If you want to go for dark shades in your living room, make sure you have plenty of skylights, windows and doors that keep the sunlight streaming in.

Again we can see how a vase of flowers adds the final touch to a very stylish design.

Tip: Store anything that isn't functional neatly out of sight in your living space and you'll achieve the same impressively organized looking living area!

A study with style

This home office space is predominantly white, creating a cool, tranquil and serene space where family members can do their homework or get to work. The designers have added a splash of colour here in the form of a few decor items, which create a very visually appealing room.

This is a wonderful example of how you can subtly introduce some colours or patterns into a room, without it becoming the focal point. Opt for a few coloured candles or even just one piece of colourful furniture. Set against a backdrop of neutral colours, the result will pack quite a punch!

The monochrome bathroom

Even the bathroom is black and white!

Again, these dark colours work because of the natural light that flows through this space. A skylight achieves all of this – a wonderful tip for a bathroom! Often you want your privacy in this space, which makes installing windows and doors a challenge. Skylights are a great alternative.

In this bathroom, you'll notice that the designers have also gone for a very minimalist look and feel, with the black tiles and white walls and bathroom features becoming the focal point of the space. All personal items such as toothpaste or soap are stored neatly out of sight.

Your bathroom should be a clean and hygienic space that feels calming and soothing. Opt for a minimalist look and feel to achieve the same ambiance.

The connecting spaces

Even the hallways and staircases are trendy and chic in this beautiful home!

The black floors complement the white walls, while the wooden staircase brings a touch of warmth and coziness to the space. 

Wood is always a great material to introduce into a modern home as it is earthy and homely, softening the effect of a cutting-edge interior design. For stairs, they are wonderful as they are durable and chic.

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What do you think of this family home? Comment your thoughts below!

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