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Today we’ll tour the Tiana House in Barcelona designed to react to the changing way we inhabit our homes. A view from the street shows a well-kept classic house with a country chic look. Thanks to the design team at 08023 Architects,  the interior of the house was modernized for 21st century living. 

The contemporary space inside connects to some of the traditional motifs inside the home. Let’s take a look inside the Tiana house and see how they live in a home that balances modern and traditional.

A view of the exterior

The exterior of the house is simple and traditional. A pure white facade couples with a sloping shingle roof gives the house a classic appeal. The burn orange tiles that surround and crawl up the walls warm up the outside of the house. The dormer windows on the second storey add quaint charm. We love the old-fashioned shutters!

A glimpse inside on the main floor shows us one of the special modern features of the house. There is a glazed box of a room that can completely open to the yard. This creates a liminal space that the owners use as both an indoor and outdoor dining area. This modern addition to a traditional looking house gives us a hint of what will be revealed inside.

Inside the glass box

Stepping inside the glass box, we can see exactly how the dining area can open up on a warm evening. There’s nothing traditional about this room! Even the decor inside is modern, creating a playful juxtaposition with the exterior.

There is a lone pop of colour from the 1950s inspired mint green pendant lamp. The muted colour palate makes the outdoors shine. Take a look at the plants outside creeping delicately up the outside walls. The most original feature of the room is the concrete floor with a mock tile finish. A tile design looks like a modern update on Moorish tiles. What a gorgeous space to spend a Sunday morning with your coffee and paper!

The futuristic kitchen

The house features a stylish minimalist kitchen. At first glance, it may not even look like a kitchen! It is clean and barren with no clutter to catch the eye. Black walls lined with white butchers tiles give the space a polished look.

The appliances and built-in fixtures have a stainless steel finish. Everything in the kitchen seems gray or white. There is a certain professional appeal to this futuristic kitchen. There is just a touch of personality with the same patterned concrete flooring that we saw in the glass box.

Inside the open plan living room

The living room is decidedly more homey than the sterile kitchen. There is still a neutral colour palette here that gives it some sophistication.  A timbre wood floor is the beautiful focus of the room.

There is plenty of storage along the far wall and there is another dining space with plenty of seating. Mismatched pendant lights also bring in some personality. The room is less severe because of this whimsical addition. A couple of couches in the room look comfortable and the high ceilings give the room an airy feel. It seems that this house is much more modern inside than we first would have guessed from the outside!

One of the charming bathrooms

A peek inside one of the bathrooms shows us that the modern and traditional themes are carried throughout the house. What a lovely bathroom! 

The half-tiled walls make the room look bright and clean. Those are the same tiles we saw in the kitchen even though this bathroom has such a different mood. A wood frame around the mirror and the extra little counter space around the sink are warm additions to the charming bathroom. The faucet coming out from the wall gives it an old world flair. We love the timeless appeal of the creamy neutrals. 

The tranquil master bedroom

A sloped roof creates interesting architectural lines on the top floors. This bedroom is a tranquil space to recharge. White and wood furniture is modern but the radiator is charming and old. 

The window brings in lots of light and there’s plenty of storage in the bedroom. Bare walls make a bold statement but they could accommodate a few prints. For more ideas on how to fill up wall space check out our feature on nine ways to make your walls wonderful.

Upstairs in the attic

That sloped roof that we saw from the exterior creates a gabled interior. This attic was fitted into an entertainment room. The structure of the roof is exposed and painted white. Plenty of windows and a skylight bring light into this space that is far from a gloomy attic. The furniture in the attic is a mix of modern and traditional. We love the bright green lamp on the antique chest.

This is a room that kids would love to hang out in with their friends for movie nights! If you liked the Tiana House then you’ll want to check out the before and after of a dated home that is transformed with a modern makeover.

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